Friday, April 9, 2010

Sarasota Election Sup wastes taxpayer $ to block audits. GA Gov wants suit for citizenship checks

Did mail-in voting enhance turnout in Dallas TX the wrong way?...Election 2010: Why is everything digital except the voting system?...Arrogance and pride in action: Sarasota Florida Elections Supervisor Kathy Dent is wasting the taxpayers' dollars and time suing the county and state to fight the charter ordered, court upheld post election audits. Now Dent claims she just needs "clarification"....NY - Voting machine flap: Dog ate my ballot...von Spakovsky Responds to TPM on Foreign Language Voting Materials Controversy...

The news is brief today but fascinating....

FL: Elections supervisor sues county, state
Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent is going back to court to fight a voter-approved charter amendment she cannot abide.

GA: Perdue: AG should sue feds over Ga. voting checks ... Gov. Sonny Perdue has directed Thurbert Baker to sue the Obama administration to implement citizenship checks for newly-registering voters.

IA: Iowa: first out of the gate for Citizens United legislative response?

KY: The corruption business model (Clay County)
With the list of the convicted now past a dozen and the extensive evidence of an organized, ongoing vote-buying machine, there's reason to believe this was not a conspiracy hidden under a bushel basket.

NY: Voting machine flap: Dog ate my ballot But there are some would be holdouts such as in Nassau County whose leaders are in court arguing they won’t have time to replace the machines by the upcoming election cycle.

TX: How Not To Increase “Voter” Participation
Now there is new evidence of a more orchestrated campaign by so-called “vote harvesters” allegedly tampering with mail-in ballots.

TX: District Attorney will Protect Ballot Boxes (Webb County)
"The ballot boxes are being placed at the elections offices in a special room to which only an investigator from the District Attorney's office has a key to,"

VA: von Spakovsky Responds to TPM on Foreign Language Voting Materials Controversy
...The claim by TPM that the Electoral Board voted to end the distribution of foreign language voting materials is flat-out wrong: Fairfax County has never provided any voting materials of any kind in any language other than English.

OR: Guest Column: Peter Wagner on Felons, Redistricting, and the Urban/Rural Divide
This from Peter Wagner of the Prison Policy Initiative:


I’ve added a new link to for campaign finance data Sunlight Foundation Blog notes the introduction of The site bills itself as the “central source for all federal and state campaign contributions made in the last twenty years

Elections Assistance Commission
On-demand webcast of April 8 public meeting is available

Internet voting watch

Canada: UPDATED: Online voting hits a snag in Sarnia
...It would cost taxpayers $258,000 to create Internet and mail-in voting options in addition to regular polls. The staff report also cites concerns about the security of the polls and requests more time to investigate

UK: Election 2010: Why is everything digital except the voting system? "...Because it is digital, there is no guarantee that someone could not manipulate the process by replicating the process to produce the voting vouchers or replicate the system in some way that delivered more votes.”

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