Thursday, April 29, 2010

Imposter on Florida ballot. Why the Disclose Act matters. Birther Bills

"I’ve learned over the last 9 years that there are basically three types of oversight of election in our country; one is Candidate, the 2nd is Party and the 3rd is Public oversight. I’ve learned that the first two suck, because the issue becomes political and partisan." ~ John Brakey of AuditAZ...Does the Disclose ACT fix Citizens United? “Only a constitutional amendment or new ruling can truly 'fix' Citizens United, but the DISCLOSE Act goes far in mitigating its corrosive effect on our democracy..." ~ People For the American Way Pres...There's an imposter on Florida ballot...Birther bills - AZ kills theirs, TX mulls one...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

AZ: When It Comes To Election Integrity In Arizona There’s Nothing Like Having An
“Elephant in the Room” Or At Least A "Big Donkey"
It is important to examine the two-billion-dollar Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) ballot initiative investigation by the Attorney General for what it teaches us about election security in the future....

AZ: Ariz. bill on birth certificates set aside

AZ: Arizona Moves to Adopt Strange Lieutenant Governor Selection Rules

CT: Ensuring voter privacy at the poll (HB5441 addresses several election procedures)

DE: Delware Expands Innovative Paperless Voter Registration Program ...
The state of Delaware is taking another step towards fully paperless voter registration by expanding its “E-Signature” program to its Health and Social Services

FL: Lawmakers move to stymie redistricting reform by trying to slip an imposter on the ballot

FL: Viewpoint: Fair districts? It's about re-election

IA: Sec. of State Mauro: Unveils web-based absentee ballot tracking feature

IN: Oh where, oh where do I vote?
This is the third time since I've been a resident of Indiana that my polling place has changed. No, I have not moved. I have lived in the same place since I got here.

KY: Leaders Hold Voter Fraud Conference in Frankfort Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and Secretary of State Trey Grayson may be on opposite sides of the political aisle, but both are coming together to help stop voter fraud in Kentucky.

NJ: Candidate's brother and sister-in-law, Paramus cop among 7 charged in Park Ridge voter fraud case
brother_and_sister-in-law_Paramus_cop_among_7_charged_in_Park_Ridge_voter_fraud_case.html The investigation determined that the seven violated the criminal election statute when they voted in Park Ridge, although they were no longer lived there.

NC: Board: Hege's Name to Remain on Ballot,0,571236.story
A group filed a petition on Tuesday to get Hege's name removed from the ballot. The group said because he is a convicted felon and cannot carry a gun, he doesn't meet the constitutional requirements to seek re-election to the office of sheriff.

NC: No new information on $111,000 North Carolina lobbying fine


OR: State orders Clackamas Counyt to reprint ballots

TX: Texas bill would require birthplace proof for presidential candidates

Citizens United

DISCLOSE Act Introduced To Respond To Citizens United Ruling

Legislation to Respond to the Citizens United Decision Myths and Realities: Part 1{91FCB139-CC82-4DDD-AE4E-3A81E6427C7F}&DE={8506370B-7FC9-448E-AA41-5071126E96C4}



...The Founding Fathers frequently expressed concern that powerful corporations could, if unrestrained, “mingle in elections,” manipulate government, dictate laws, and destroy the principle of equality fundamental to democracy.

Summary of Legislation Introduced by Senator Schumer and Representatives Van Hollen and Castle In Response to Citizens United Decision{91FCB139-CC82-4DDD-AE4E-3A81E6427C7F}&DE={E4C45171-E4B1-44C2-BC2D-4CEC347BBFCC}

Internet Voting Watch

On-line Voting (radio interview, you need windows media player to listen)
CBC Thunder Bay Audio Features Dr. Barbara Simons & John Enright of Elections Canada


Military and Overseas Voters, Submit your Ballot Request for the May, June and July State Primaries!

Doe v. Reed: Bopp v. Scalia
Attorney James Bopp is on a crusade – in his words, a “10 year plan” – to annihilate every American law regulating money in politics...

There's an app for that!
Building on the spread of online voter registration, Project Vote is preparing to launch a voter registration application for the iPad, the new tablet computer released by Apple this spring.


India's Electronic Voting Machines Have Security Problems By Ed Felten...India's EVMs show that while simplicity is good, it's not enough. Unless there is some way to audit or verify the votes, even a simple system is subject to manipulation.

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