Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diebold ATMs hacked. Buying Justice in PA. Voting machines stoke Filipinos fears.

Is a Colorado election bill trying to do too much?...Buying of Pa. judicial elections troubling...Fort Bend County TX Reports Problems With Electronic Poll List...The ACLU of Virginia accused Gov. Bob McDonnell of reinstating a "literacy test" in Virginia for non violent ex-felons...New Voting Machines Stoke Filipinos’ Fears...Diebold ATMs are hackable too - BofA Insider to Plead Guilty to Hacking (Diebold) ATMs...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

AK: Sec. Daniels Announces New Mobile Application for Arkansans to Verify Voter Registration Information

CA: "Don't Put Away Those Clipboards Yet"
Don't use your iPad to sign a digital petition in CA and expect it to count.

CO: Colorado may need rescuing from voting bill
The bill is still under construction and presently weighs in at roughly 69 pages
Allowing third-party organizations to collect and deliver votes to polling stations

Co: Bayfield town election results change
or http://tinyurl.com/y77h9u8 The recount was requested after Mayor Rick Smith and Town Clerk Marianne Jones examined the election results and found the election judge's tally of votes did not match the final results presented to the board.

CO: County Clerk candidate Dr. Charles Corry discussing Voting, electronic voting, voting systems and Colorado voting records. (video)

CO: Questions have not been answered

IL: Swansea, Illinois Man and East St. Louis Precinct Committeeman Arraigned on Federal Tax and Election Offenses

MD: Maryland Assembly backs voter registration at 16

NC: BofA Insider to Plead Guilty to Hacking ATMs (Diebold ATM)
Any guess which company supplies Bank of America's hackable ATM systems?...

NV: Secretary of state, treasurer accused of ethical violations
NEWS/100419977/1062&ParentProfile=1049 or
http://tinyurl.com/y7xu45w A Republican candidate for attorney general is claiming advertisements for the census featuring Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller appear to be in violation of state law.

NY: LETTER: Transition to new machines this year

PA: EDITORIAL: Buying of Pa. judicial elections troubling
doc4bc261e2f346b246460312.txt or
http://tinyurl.com/yyttpus ...in two-thirds of the cases (67 percent) before that same court in 2008 and 2009, at least one of the litigants, lawyers, or law firms had contributed to the election campaign of at least one justice. In nearly half of the cases (46 percent), a single litigant, lawyer, or law firm had contributed to at least four of the six elected justices’ election campaigns.

TX: Fort Bend County Reports Problems With Electronic Poll List, Glitch Forces Manual Verification Of Voters *
...Because of the glitch, poll workers are having to manually record the voter’s name and address on the poll book and then manually issue a code that allows them to cast their ballot, Oldham said.

VA: Opposition builds to McDonnell's changes to felon voting rights restoration process

"For persons with a limited education, the governor's requirement that they write an essay explaining their past and present actions and the rationale for why their rights should be restored is a nearly insurmountable obstacle,'' said ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Kent Willis on Monday...

WI: Six voters cast two ballots in spring election mistake* (wrong ballot style)
The Government Accountability Board says six voters in the Trempealeau County Town of Hale voted twice as poll workers tried to fix a mistake.
The GAB says the first six people who voted on Tuesday were issued the wrong ballot style for the district they were voting in. The inspectors at the polling place realized the error later in the day, so they called those six people back to vote again. At the end of the night they deleted those 6 voters first ballots.


Fox Overseeing Chicken Coops – Federal Election Commission Edition
Velvet Revolution files Complaint To Disbar FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter For False Testimony In Voting Caging Lawsuit

"Democrats Push to Require Corporate Campaign Disclosure"


Israel: Researchers at TAU claim computerized voting system unsafe
Prof. Avishai Wool of TAU's School of Electrical Engineering said that adopting the new computerized voting service would present a danger to democracy.

Philippines: New Voting Machines Stoke Filipinos’ Fears
The Center for People Empowerment in Governance, a nongovernmental group that is monitoring the automation process, has listed at least 30 vulnerabilities of the P.C.O.S. machines, among them the fact that the elections commission has not yet made public the source code of the program being used, as required by a 2007 law.

Sudan: Sudanese Elections: Voters Can Report Fraud With Text Message System
"Election monitors or citizens can text in any election-related problems: missing ballots, polls closing too early, acts of voter intimidation," said Katie Jacobs Stanton, new-media director at the State Department. "We want this to be a free and fair election."

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