Monday, April 5, 2010

Benton TN voter purge to hit seniors. NY election law redux. Outsourcing Philippines elections?

Many long time voters in Benton County Tennessee may be purged from the voter rolls simply because they did not check off a box on their voter registration form that says they are a US Citizen. ...The Dept of Justice had to instruct Alamance County DSS to comply with the 17 year old National Voter Registration Act... Several articles about New York's paper ballot law and efforts to repeal it....A Philippines group is not happy with the switch to computer counting of the vote: "The outsourcing of the nation’s electoral process to a foreign firm is causing widespread anxiety among concerned citizens and various sectors" ~ CAAEF-FAEL...Ireland unable to unload its paperless voting machines as other countries ditch e-voting or adopt paper based systems...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CO: Aspen Daily News and Aspen Times poll regarding Marilyn Marks'
transparency suit

CT: One Way Connecticut Could Empower Military and Overseas Voters
One key to truly empowering military and overseas voters is accessible, timely information to speed the process of meeting the requirements of obtaining, completing, and returning absentee ballots and applications.

NC: DSS, state elections board still at odds
the DSS offices in Alamance, Burke and Johnston counties “have consistently and substantially failed to comply with the requirements of Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act.”

NC: Voter appeals registration removal, claims violation of constitutional rights

NC: Cary may back campaign bill
Town will discuss the use of public funds for local political campaigns.
"Money doesn't buy you love," he said. Frantz spent $8,000 on his winning Town Council campaign, less than his two opponents.

NJ: Flood Soaks 300 Volumes of County Voter Registration Documents

NY: Nassau County – The Dog Ate My Homework
First and foremost, the state’s transition to the new systems has been long been ordered and overseen by United States District Court Judge Gary Sharpe. The state Supreme Court cannot and will not counter that higher power.

NY: Optical scan voting machines not welcomed by all Mid-Hudson counties Tyner, D-Clinton, said...he will introduce a resolution in the county (Duchess) Legislature, urging it to allow the county Board of Elections to join Nassau’s lawsuit, which he said could be done at no cost to taxpayers.

NY: Walton village election results in *
WALTON _ The snafu with the Walton village election results that didn't add up was resolved Wednesday when the voting machines were rechecked, an error was discovered and a trustee resigned.

NY: New voting machines still cause concerns

OH: Touch-screen voting machines sit, long after vote probe
Thirty-four touch-screen voting machines are kept locked up as evidence from the November 2007 election, in which fraud was alleged.

OR: Guest Column: Spencer on felons and redistricting

TN: Thousands Of Valid Voters May Be Purged (Benton County TN includes video)
Voter Registrations Show Deficiencies
Thousands of law abiding U.S. citizens are in danger of being purged from Tennessee's voter rolls in one county. Some of them who have been registered to vote for half a decade.

WA: 9th Circuit Panel Strikes Down Washington Disenfranchisement Law The unending battle over felon disenfranchisement in Washington state has taken an interesting turn, as a three-judge 9th Circuit panel ruled 2-1 that Washington’s denial of voting rights to incarcerated felons is a violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.


Karl Rove appears in TV ad for Census (includes video)

Creating Greater Government Transparency
MONTIORING YOUR elected officials and keeping track of your government's spending? There's an app for that, as it turns out.

U.S. Supreme Court: Wallowin' again in that ol' soft money ..the Republican National Committee is making a major new legal effort to remove the ban. It intends to take its challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court.

RNC Soft Money Case Appealed to Supreme Court
SCOTUSBlog reports that papers will be submitted by the RNC by April 25

Pew Rolls Out Reports on Non-Precinct Place Voting

Shareholder groups seek to limit corporate contributions

Citizens United: What Would Justice Brennan Do? (WWJBD)


Ireland: E-vote system storage cost hits e182,000
And the Department of the Environment has now admitted that any hopes of selling the machines internationally have been hit because countries were increasingly choosing a "paper-based" voting system, and both Holland and Germany have ditched e-voting.

Philippines: Comelec says UV markings on ballots displaced

Philippines: A Briefer on Poll Automation – Why it is Expected to Fail The full automation of the electoral process is being led by the watchdog Commission on Elections (Comelec), which has gained infamy of international proportions for official incompetence, corruption, fraud, and mismanagement of previous elections.

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