Thursday, April 22, 2010

AZ ease of cheating. Map of US internet voting. Philippines ghost polling centers exposed

If fraud or error occurs in Arizona elections, there's very little that can be done: "The ease-of-cheating problem becomes magnified when combined with the impossibility of challenging any computerized rigged election in Arizona." ~ Bill Risner, chair of advocacy group AUDIT AZ...Aspen,CO Election Commission to review May 2009 election complaints in May 2010...SC House to debate voter id...Voting vendor Smartmatic exposes Philippines ghost polling centers - precincts listed but that do not exist...Internet voting continues to spread in Canadian munis...Verified Voting maps state usage of i-voting...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

AZ: Guest Opinion. The elections-integrity fight isn't about the RTA vote; it's about future rigged elections
Court testimony from several Pima County Elections Department workers established that our county's computer operator regularly took home copies of election data during elections.

AZ: Clean elections may go to ballot
PHOENIX — Arizona voters are likely going to get a chance to decide if they want to keep public funding of elections

AZ: Arizona House OKs Bill To Check Candidates’ Citizenship (goes to senate next)
A bill that passed in the Arizona House would require President Barack Obama and any other candidate to produce a birth certificate to qualify for the state’s election ballot.

CA: DA to team with Secretary of State on voter registration probe

CA: Let voters decide on election system, committee says
San Mateo County voters should get another chance to choose whether they want to start electing supervisors by district rather than at large, the county's charter review committee said Wednesday.

CO: Provocative bill to take Colorado to a universal mail-in ballot will not be introduced

CO: Commission sets deadline for election complaints
— Keys in the ballot box. The ballot boxes in the city clerk’s office used for absentee voting, where for two weeks prior to the election citizens could come in and cast their ballots, were observed with keys inserted into a lock.

CO: Harvie Branscomb comments on news about Aspen Election Commission ...The lock the key was left in unlocks a small door on the ballot box that allows access to two buttons that if simultaneously pressed will activate the override function that causes the voting machine to accept any ballot with any ...

IN: Names left off Carroll ballots *
_herald_journal/local_news/doc4bcd206388323919953853.txt A Carroll County election snafu was caught in time to be corrected and, luckily, only eight ballots will have to be recast.
“The clerk’s office did not give the right information to the election vendor to produce our names on the ballot.”

MI: Granholm signs absentee ballot bill for military personnel
The measures, recently approved by unanimous votes in the Legislature, permit voters living out of the country to download absentee ballots via electronic mail and then mail them back.

NC: State employees group petitioning to put North Carolina First Party on the ballot
...“They may have the necessary financial resources to get the approximately 120,000 raw signatures they will need to meet North Carolina's signature requirement.” ~ Barbara Howe, N.C. Libertarian Party chair

NJ: Candidates blast board of elections chairman over possibility of polling stations being moved
news/doc4bcfc1d7bea83072709418.txt ...up to 15 voting stations might be moved, and that many of those stations could be without challengers.

SC: House members to debate voter identification law

WI: 7 charged with voter fraud in 2008 elections
Three are charged with voting as felons, two with voting twice, and two with falsely procuring voter registrations while working for the organization ACORN.

WI: Election reform bill dies in Senate
MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A plan to reform Wisconsin's voter registration and elections laws that was fiercely opposed by Republicans will not pass the Legislature this year.

WV: Early voting begins in W.Va.
"We have one voting machine set up since most of our voters prefer to use paper ballots." ~ Debbie Allen, secretary with Gilmer County Clerk.

WV: Officials question indictment issues
CHARLES TOWN - Supporters of a local politician who was indicted this week on election-related charges say a conflict of interest existed for an investigator involved in the case.

Internet Voting Watch

US: Verified Voting has published a map of what various states are doing with
Internet voting

Canada: Mississippi Mills council deals with resignation, internet voting, aggressive dog designation (Intelivote Systems Inc) /news/
+resignation,+internet+voting,+aggressive+dog+designation Moved by councillor Val Wilkinson and seconded by councillor Alex Gillis, the Committee of the Whole is recommending that council approve voting by Internet/ telephone as an alternative voting method for the 2010 municipal election.


Philippines: [EXCLUSIVE] Ghost polling centers exposed ...Special elections are almost always held in the ARMM area, where political observers and analysts say cheating, like padding and shaving of votes (dagdag-bawas), has become a cottage industry.

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