Friday, April 23, 2010

GA AG wont sue over citizenship checks. Lucas Co OH poll workers intimidated. Internet vote comments due 4-30

Georgia AG refuses to file suit over voter citizenship checks...Provision to kill Home Rule from Florida law was defeated in legislature. This protects hard fought, highly touted Sarasota County chartered election audits...About 450 Republicans in Clermont County will have to re-vote...Lucas Co. Ohio BOE investigating poll worker intimidation...The DISCLOSE Act-the legislative response to Citizens United and what's next...New deadline for comments on UOCAVA Pilot Program Testing Requirements is April 30, 2010...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CA: San Diego County Registrar and Republicans accused of legal violations at taxpayer expense The SDCDP alleges that the County Registrar of Voters, at taxpayer expense, will insert partisan campaign literature into the official sample ballots mailed to Republican voters next month.

Recently California Forward released a report that Tony Quinn and I wrote,

CO: City View of Aspen Election Commission Role and Responsibilities Finally Disclosed (confidential memo becomes public) ...this memo was written as a confidential document for City Council at the time that the former Election Commission was under fire by Jack Johnson and some Council members on trumped up charges, after the EC began to explore their duties and discuss the outstanding election irregularities.

CT: West Haven Registrar’s Actions Under Scrutiny

CT: Paying for voters: McMahon campaign plan draws questions A plan formulated by the U.S. Senate campaign of Linda McMahon to pay students an extra $5 for each Republican registered during a voter registration drive at the University of Connecticut next week has drawn questions from election officials, lawmakers and at least one Republican vying for the nomination.

DE: Independent Party of Delaware proposes solution to Ballot Access Problem

FL: PRE-EMPTION IS WITHDRAWN! Amendment 619077 withdrawn
(Sarasota Audit Charter saved)

FL: Volusia, Hispanic group reach deal on ballots
Volusia County and a Hispanic group have settled a lawsuit over bilingual ballots but not necessarily who's to blame for the costly legal fight

GA: Georgia AG won't sue feds over citizenship checks
Attorney General Thurbert Baker on Thursday said he will not file a lawsuit against the U.S. Justice Department over the state's attempt to verify the citizenship of voters. Aaron Gould Sheinin, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

HI: Ninth Circuit Sets Hearing Date for Hawaii Ballot Access Case The 9th circuit will hear Nader v Cronin on June 17, in Honolulu. This is the case that challenges the number of signatures needed for an independent presidential candidate in Hawaii

IL: Student voting bill divides Ill. legislature
With the 2010 general elections less than seven months away, some state legislators are supporting a bill that aims to get more college students to vote this November, while some election authorities argue such a measure would be costly and discriminatory.

MI: Election law changes make waves "The county clerk decided that because the village is having their elections on the same day the schools get to ride along for free," she said.

MI: Voting changes unwarranted (Opinion)

MI: Michigan To Email Absentee Ballots To Overseas Residents
New laws make it easier for armed forces, citizens out of the country to vote.

MT: Missoula County 1st in state to allow voters to track mail ballots online

NC: NC lawsuit challenges part of Voting Rights Act
Terrence Pell, president of the Center for Individual Rights, said he expects the Justice Department to argue that the five Kinston residents lack the legal standing to challenge the decision.

OH: Lucas Co. BOE investigating poll worker intimidation The Lucas County Board of Elections is investigating reports from poll workers that they're being of intimidated.
Some poll workers who are registered to work the upcoming election have reported they received calls saying they need to resign.

OH: Absentee ballot glitch means hundreds will have to vote again in Clermont County
BATAVIA - About 450 Republicans in Clermont County who voted by absentee ballot before the May 4 primary are being told they'll have to submit new ones because of a computer glitch.
...failed to alternate by precinct the names of candidates in contested races...

WI: Felon votes fuel debate over current election laws
Rep. Joe Parisi of Monona says if a bill pending in Madison becomes law these two men wouldn't be facing more prison time and the state wouldn’t be spending more of “our scarce tax dollars and criminal justice resources” against someone simply wanting to participate in “the democratic process.”

Citizens United

Citizens United Bill Next Week? Corporate Forces Attack


The DISCLOSE Act and what’s next (Schumer-Van Hollen)

EAC releases three Quick Start Management Guides
EAC recently issued new Quick Start Management Guides for state and local election officials that provide guidance on three areas of election administration: technology in elections, elections office administration, and accessibility

Internet Voting Watch

CORRECTION: New deadline for comments on UOCAVA Pilot Program Testing Requirements is April 30, 2010


ES&S, Datacard Sued Over E-Voting Registration IP

OpEdNews goes to Washington. Truth, action, and the American way. (opinion)_ Sometimes, frequently maybe, those of us who individually try to raise the issue of voting accuracy may feel like our efforts fall on deaf ears. However, recently a press release came across my desk that suggests we just might make a difference after all.

Court turns down ACORN request for help
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court has turned down ACORN's request for help in its lawsuit claiming Congress was wrong to shut off the activist group's federal funding.


Ireland: Voting machines may return to supplier (NEDAP)
Green Party leader John Gormley said today negotiations are continuing to return Ireland's unused electronic voting machines to the manufacturer.

Philippines: The high-speed printing that misaligned UV marks can misalign the ballot ovals too

Philippines: Compel Comelec to reveal poll preparations, SC asked

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