Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Double voting in MD unprosecuted. ACORN not dead yet.US Cyber Insecurity

NYT Concedes They Were Wrong? Paper Loses 'Pimp' Language Entirely in Latest ACORN Report. Also: ACORN not dead yet!...Florida Gov Crist vetos legislative money grab bill...189 MD voters may have voted twice in 2008, but prosecutor's office can't afford to investigate...Secret Funding of US Chamber’s Political Ads May Change...Although the United States likely has the best cyberwar capabilities in the world, "that offensive prowess cannot make up for the weaknesses in our defensive position," one-time presidential advisor Richard Clarke...

all this and more in today's voting news below...

CA: Ranked-choice voting in San Leandro hits a snag
San Leandro to revisit the item on April 19
...her (Councilwoman Diana Souza)constituents felt ranked-choice was confusing and would discourage voters, and they doubted cost-savings estimates.

CO: Aspen deserves answers
Looking forward, Aspen voters should take a hard look at what is being said by experts nationally about IRV and about Aspen's unusual system in particular. They should demand straight answers from city officials, and decide for themselves...

CO: Carroll responds to attacks on voting reform proposal
...the legislation was originally drafted at the urging of the county clerks to help reduce their administrative burden and to save taxpayer monies.


CO: Public seeks scanned ballot image files from HART InterCivic system.

FL: Gov. Charlie Crist spares his party with a timely veto The governor simply couldn't stomach the legislative money grab that came in the form of CS/HB 1207, which would have authorized the creation of "affiliated party committees."

FL: Sheriff, others warn of devastating budget cuts ...Another round of budget cuts in Broward County could lead to the closure of another jail, less early voting in fall elections and fewer inspections of homes to set the property tax roll.

GA: Training now required for voter drives

GA: Son of NAMUDNO: A Case that Should Make Section 5 Supporters Nervous
I had been thinking that a Georgia suit to fight the DOJ's denial of preclearance of its "voter verification" program could provide the vehicle for a constitutional challenge to section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

MD: Prosecutor's office hasn't pursued cases of dual voting
Nearly 200 people thought to have voted twice in 2008

SC: Precinct division causes confusion for voters
More than half the voters who showed up at the Polo Road precinct for today's City of Columbia elections had been turned away by mid-afternoon, poll workers said.

WI: Green Bay officials look into suspected voter fraud

WI: Update: Voter fraud investigated; power outage didn't affect polls
Last night’s outage did not affect voters at the polls last night, officials said.

Internet voting

MI: Computer glitch causes ASMSU elections to end 8 hours early
The first year of online-only voting for MSU’s various student governments’ spring elections hit a snag Monday when a missing zero caused polls to close early.

Internet Voting Beyond Technology (report)

Is the U.S. the nation most vulnerable to cyberattack?
Ex-presidential advisor Richard Clarke warns cyberattacks could lead to more traditional combat

Timeline: Major Cybersecurity Incidents Since 2007

Cyber Insecurity: US Struggles To Confront Threat
April 06, 2010 ... administration has designated a cybersecurity coordinator, with ... government is saying that Cyber Command will ... Homeland Security Department will defend the rest

Cyberattack: US Unready For Future Face Of War
April 07, 2010 ... says Richard Clarke, a former White House cybersecurity adviser and the author of a new book, Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security...


Voter registration going digital on iPad? Echo Interaction Group partners with Project Vote to launch mobile-based voter registration application

Secret Funding of Chamber’s Political Ads May Change (Update1) U.S. companies would lose their ability to secretly finance political advertising run by organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce under a bill being considered by Democratic lawmakers.

Census Bureau Launches Campaign to Fight Fraud, Assure Confidentiality
The Department of Justice has confirmed that individual data collected in the census cannot be used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, or any other government agency – not even by order of the president.

William & Mary Election Law Symposium 2010 Video
“Back to the Drawing Board: The 2010 Census and the Politics of Redistricting”

Schumer-Van Hollen and corporate financing of political activity

Records Shattered for State-Level Political Money, Special Elections Heat Up and More in Capital Eye Opener: April 7

"When Statutory Regimes Collide:Will Wisconsin Right to Life and Citizens United Invalidate Federal Tax Regulation of Campaign Activity?"

NYT Concedes They Were Wrong?
Paper Loses 'Pimp' Language Entirely in Latest ACORN Report
Also: ACORN not dead yet!...


Philippines: Comelec delays alarm poll watchdog groups
The groups said in a press conference Tuesday that the Comelec had resorted to “shortcuts,” eroding confidence that the vote would be credible.

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