Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Officials say e-voting researchers issued visas by mistake, recounts wind down, California turnout exceeds projections

India reportedly issues visas to e-voting researchers by mistake; recounts wind down in Maine, Oregon, and New Jersey; California turnout exceeds projections.

All this and more in today's Voting News below.

CA: Capitol Alert: 2010 election produced high voter turnout

The turnout was about five percentage points, or 800,000 voters, higher than the pre-election estimate made by the Field Institute, the state's leading polling organization. The secretary of state's office used to make pre-election predictions, but Bowen stopped the practice when she took office.

CA: Registrars defend against David Harmer accusations

CT: UConn Team Ensures Election Integrity

IN: Recount Commission Dismisses Dems' SOS Challenge

IN: Dems may appeal sec. of state challenge dismissal

KS: Battle brews over plan to require photo ID to vote

KY: New voting machines are here (McCreary County)
Haynes and his staff now have five months to familiarize McCreary County voters with the new system, which uses paper ballots. "I wouldn’t have wanted to start with a county election, but I hope to ease lines with this system," Haynes said. “I’m really excited about putting these machines into use.”

MA: Disputed house election raises question: who will be sworn in Jan. 5?

ME: Maine casino vote recount effort dropped by opponents
Dennis Bailey, executive director of Casinos No!, said, “We decided we had seen enough. We just were not seeing any big changes. But if we hadn’t done the recount, we would have always wondered. After all, it was one of the closest voting margins in state history.”

MN: Secretary of State thanks those who make democracy work

NJ: Second recount of South Amboy election maintains results

OH: Sarantou sues over alleged vote error

OH: [SOS-elect] Husted taps familiar faces for his senior staff
Secretary of State-elect Jon Husted has assembled an experienced team to serve as his senior staff, including Matthew Damschroder, the former director and current deputy director of the Franklin County Board of Elections.

OR: Tiernan partly satisfied by Multnomah recount
But Tiernan said he's not done. He said the Republican Party will ask the Legislature to change the law to require more uniformity among counties on their ballot-handling procedures. And he said he'd like to give elections observers more power to intervene when they see a potential problem.


India: EVM flaw-finders not welcome in India?

India: EVM flaw-finders issued visa by mistake
“We had never raised this issue with any ministry of the government of India,” deputy election commissioner Alok Shukla said. “Since we were contacted after they were denied entry, the commission felt we should clarify our position, and hence we wrote to the home ministry saying we were not opposed to the entry of anyone to India irrespective of the views they held about India’s electoral system. We are all for free speech,” Shukla said.
India: Hardnews Exclusive: We are examining the possibility of paper trails for the EVMs http://www.hardnewsmedia.com/2010/12/3751

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