Friday, December 31, 2010

Challenge ends in Alaska US Senate race, Georgia panel to study expansion of vote centers

Alaska's US Senate race appears to have ended as 2010 winds down. Georgia's Secretary of State says that a new appointed election reform advisory panel will look at vote centers and ways to achieve cost savings, and New York's new voting system, and its implementation receive ongoing scrutiny.

All this and more in today's Voting News below.

AK: Miller ends challenge in US Senate race

CA: When 0.45% of Total Voters Can Translate to Victory

CO: Fines against Colorado's new elections chief reduced,0,466012.story

FL: Crist squandered potential to make a real difference

GA: Getting some of the money of of (holding) elections

IN: Democrats file appeal challenging Secretary of State race,0,6984964.story

IA: Iowa owes nothing on audit

IA: Michael Mauro to be named state labor chief

KS: Debate likely to heat up [voter ID]

LA: Louisiana Voter Purge Eliminates 121, 840 People From State Rolls

NY: New York's new voting process is already being tweaked

NY: League of Women Voters Says Voting Improvements Needed

ND: Resident didn't try to vote twice

TN: 2010: A year of change in politics

TX: Ready to go - again [Harris County]

TX: 'Oracle of Barton Springs was poet and activist


United States: NLRB Continues March Toward Administrative Implementation of Processes to Assist Union Organizing
Recent General Counsel memoranda announcing enhanced enforcement efforts and greater penalties for violations of the National Labor Relations Act (the Act), implement, in principle, some of the "enhanced penalties" provisions of EFCA. The NLRB's exploration of electronic voting and shortening of the campaigning period in a union election emulate some of the purposes of the "card check" provisions of EFCA. A recently proposed rule regarding mandatory posting of a notice of employees' right to organize, combined with the creation of a new unfair labor practice charge for the failure to post, seems consistent with the goal of stimulating organizing activity.


India: Man steals EVM; 5 officials suspended

India: EVM thrown into a well in Hassan

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