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India deports US voting machine expert. Bridgeport recount finds errors. Editor Note!

10 yrs after Bush V Gore: "HAVA has been misinterpreted and misused from the moment of its passage."~ Joe Richey, Colorado SOS Elect. Best Pract.Commission..CT Post: Recount shows widespread miscalculations. "If you cast a photocopied ballot in last month’s gubernatorial election in Bridgeport, there’s a 1 in 4 chance your vote was miscounted."..India: US prof behind EVM study deported on arrival...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

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India: US prof behind EVM study deported on arrival An American computer scientist, J Alex Halderman, who had co-authored a study titled “India’s EVMs are vulnerable to fraud”, was not allowed to enter the country after landing at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport here on Sunday evening. Airport sources said he would be deported, but offered no reason for the action.

CA: Your Turn: Counting mail-in ballots (Contra Costa County)
The three main causes for a vote-by-mail ballot to not be counted are; late, no signature, and no signature match.
We have seen a jump in rejections because signatures don't match over the past two elections. Further analysis is warranted to determine why there has been a jump in rejections due to signatures not matching.

CT: CT Post: Recount shows widespread miscalculations (how recount conducted & more)
Given the circumstances I am not surprised that the Coalition found such differences. However, understanding how it happened does not justify complacency, it calls for appropriate action. Connecticut voters deserve a more accurate and resilient system. Democracy requires it.

(includes collection of related articles)

GA: Attempt to save time caused vote result delays (video)
...during the general election, Board of Elections officials opted not to stop and post results by precinct, hoping to save time and just post final results. Payne said there was also a problem with the sole machine that can officially tally the votes, delaying the process about 45 minutes.

IN: Clerk wants to keep HAVA funds for 2012 election Councilman Gene Thompson wants the county to use money left from a federal grant to pay for next year’s municipal election.


MN: Newly elected Minnesota legislators announce intent to make voting more difficult

NJ: Paperless vote remains flawed New Jersey still uses paperless electronic voting systems, which cannot be independently audited. Regrettably, our state is one of only six full states, and certain counties in 11 others, that still use unauditable voting systems.
Rush Holt, U.S. Representative D-12th Dist. Pennington

NY: When the Board of Election in the Bronx goes wrong: a quick look at houw our constitutional right may be at issue (election protection volunteer comments) _goes_wrong_a_quick_look_at_ how_our_constitutional_right_may_be_at_issue.html


Ten years after Bush v. Gore: New calls for election reform
HAVA has been misinterpreted and misused from the moment of its passage.
Why have we been sold the high-tech but fallible solution at every turn since 2000?

As we reflect on Bush v. Gore today, it is worth reconsidering the sort of public-private partnerships that were forged to conduct our elections. Did we get our money's worth? No. Has voter confidence or participation increased? No.
( Joe Richey serves on the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division's Best Practices and Vision Commission and works with public interest groups to increase voter turnout.)


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