Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stuxnet variants may reach voting systems, Albany paper calls for automatic recounts in NYS, books to close on IA HAVA audit

Iowa election officials reach an agreement to close the books on the EAC audit of Iowa's HAVA funds, the Albany Times-Union calls for an automatic recount law for New York State, and security experts predict Stuxnet-like viruses to infect electronic voting systems in the near future. [Editor's Note: If you have suggestions for articles to include in the Voting News, please e-mail sean at verifiedvoting dot org.]

All this and more in today's Voting News below.

AK: Federal Judge Dismisses Miller's Election Suit in Alaska US Senate Contest

IA: Agreement closes book on misspent federal election funds
Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro says his office has reached an agreement to close the books on federal money that was misspent by his predecessor. Federal officials said Governor Chet Culver misspent over two-million dollars in funds from the 2002 Help America Vote Act when Culver was Secretary of State.

IA: U.S. audit concludes misspent voting money, but owes nothing

LA: Polling sites lead agenda

NY: Time to fix this election law
New York chose a process that involved paper ballots when it modernized its election system for cases just like this — elections that are close enough to raise doubts about who really won. That there were errors even with these new, modern machines only underscores the need for a law that mandates recounts when the margin is so narrow.

NY: Your vote counts: This county knows who won [Dec. 17]

PA: Operation Homefront: Military moms unite under blue stars (with video)
The group also lobbies on a variety of issues, like electronic voting for military members and affordable airfare for soldiers on leave.

National, International

Stuxnet-like viruses to be released more broadly in 2011 to successfully slow down the Iranian nuclear program, the Stuxnet cyber worm is now expected to spawn variations that are predicted to disrupt non-traditional IT targets, from power grids to electronic voting stations.
Stuxnet Variants Will Wreak Havoc on More Information Systems in 2011

Internet Voting Watch

IL: Nearly 200 laws to take effect here Jan. 1[Other bills that will become law Jan. 1 include]
Military Voting (HB 6077/PA 96-1004): Permits members of the armed forces to vote by fax or email.
[Editor's Note: This legislation, which can be read here, does not specifically mention the electronic transmission of voted ballots but does give broad discretion to the Governor or the Executive Director of the State Board of Elections to modify military voting procedures in the event of an Armed Forces deployment or emergency declared by the President or the Governor.]


Philippines: Smartmatic offers deal on PCOS machines

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