Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alaska US Senate challenge loses in Federal court, state legislative races in Missouri, Texas still contentious

A lighter news day for electronic voting issues. Close state legislative elections in Texas and Missouri remain contentious, a Federal Court rules on the challenge to the U.S. Senate election in Alaska.

All this and more in today's voting news below.

AK: 'Election Integrity is Vital': Joe Miller Makes a Federal Case Out of it in AK's U.S. Senate Contest

AK: Judge Tosses Candidate Miller's Lawsuit

GA: Secretary of State Kemp Announces Formation of Elections Advisory Council [Dec. 14]

MD: Uncertainty Remains for Funding Optical Scan Voting System

MO: Royster [MO HD-40] to contest primary election

MO: Rizzo-Royster mudfest moves to Jefferson City [HD-40]

NY: No 5. Story of the Year: Election Day turns into an election month

NY: Paper ballots were not without fault

NY: Vote Count Not a Factor in NY Election Outcome

TN: Election commission needs workers for 2011

TX: Rep. Donna Howard makes formal response to challenge [TX HD-48]

TX: What's a Master of Discovery [HD-48]

TX: In defense of military voters [HD-48, Dec. 21]

WI: WI Disability Community: Voter ID Bill Needs Work



Q&A on the News: How many elections have been overturned because of a recount?

Internet Voting Watch

Voting set to begin Wednesday for SAG Awards
The official election teller, Integrity Voting Systems, announced Monday that Internet eBalloting is encouraged. Paper ballots will be made available only upon request, which must be made by Jan. 14.


My keynote at 27C3

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