Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EAC issues advisory on ES&S system. Voter Registration boom in Arizona, Ohio

The Elections Assistance Commission - EAC issues advisory on ES&S Unity & DS200 opscan freeze/shutdowns... Lawsuit in LA County CA.: 37th Dist primary candidate Lee Davis said that her name was omitted from ballots in 300 precincts...Voter Registration in Arizona Explodes...Voter Registration at Ohio Public Assistance Agencies Skyrocket... Editors note: Like voting news? Please tell your friends. For your convenience we are on the internet ttp:// on Facebook and Twitter

All this and more in today's voting news below...

AZ: Arizona judge tosses secret ballot measure The referendum would have asked voters whether to require secret ballots for public elections and for workers voting whether to organize as part of a labor union.
The judge ruled that the two provisions are not "sufficiently or logically related to one another."

AZ: Voter Registration in Arizona Explodes
PHOENIX - Voter registration in Arizona has grown by 27,000 in less than six weeks, according to the Secretary of State's Office -- and every political party has gained ground

CA: 37th District primary candidate Lee Davis sues, alleging election fraud In the lawsuit, Davis says that Democratic voters in 300 precincts were given ballots that omitted her name and that of another perennial candidate, Peter Mathews. In one other precinct, candidate Terrance Ponchak's name also wasn't included on the ballot, Davis alleges.

The lawsuit alleges other incidents of fraud as well, particularly against senior and disabled voters.

CO: Electoral privacy and petition-signers’ ID
Should we take the next logical step and abolish the secret ballot, as all of these reporting requirements have made it an obsolete and misleading charade?

DC: Washington, DC Awards Hart InterCivic Electronic Poll Book Contract,1366662.html

IN: Indiana justices uphold voter ID law

MN: Watchdog Groups Says Convicted Felons Are Voting Illegally

NC: North Carolina Paper Dropped Research 2000 After 2006 Dispute Research 2000, the polling outfit that has come under scrutiny this week after Daily Kos accused it of fraud, had a previous dispute in 2006 with North Carolina's largest newspaper.

NY: More controversy regarding NY's voting machines (podcast)
1668703/WAMC.New.York.News/More.controversy.regarding.NY' NEW YORK CITY, NY (WAMC) - The controversy continues over New York's attempts to meet mandates set under the Help America Vote Act. WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Greg Fry has more on the latest lawsuit filed against the New York State Board of Elections...
NY: NAACP Says NY's Computerized Voting Will Disenfranchise Black and Latinos
Even the election officials who approved the programming have acknowledged that the new machines' overvote messages are baffling
But the state has refused to use "built-in protections against overvotes that are made available by the machines' manufacturers and used by many jurisdictions outside of New York," the plaintiffs say.

NY: Concerns raised in North Salem over ballot in school bond vote was hard to find on the ballot and the voting machine didn’t match the sample ballot has vowed to continue pressing his point.

NY: Syracuse Post-Standard calls for end to prison-based gerrymandering

OH: Voter Registration at Ohio Public Assistance Agencies Skyrocket Overall, more than 84,000 Ohio residents have applied to become registered voters at public assistance agencies so far this year, with more than 20,000 applying in March alone.

SC: The Enigmatic Democratic nominee for US Senate set up campaign
website June 20 2010

SC: Help us now to protect your vote in November! the Network has worked to arrange an audit of the entire June 8 South Carolina primary vote.

SC: SC bill on voter ID and early voting dead for year

WV: West Virginia pols weigh moving Byrd special election to November While Byrd's death occurred early enough for a 2010 special election to be held, Tennant explained that the law stipulates that candidates must have time to file for the regular primary (which has already passed).


More Von Spakovsky on DOJ

RNC v. FEC: A Win for Democracy
On Tuesday, in a terse, two sentence order, the Court summarily affirmed the lower court’s decision in Republican National Committee v. Federal Election Commission (a.k.a., “RNC v. FEC”), thereby refusing to consider the newest challenge to campaign finance regulations.

Elections Assistance Commission issues advisory on ES&S Unity & DS200 opscan freeze/shutdowns

Get Out The Vote - Helping Underrepresented Americans Vote Again in 2010
Millions of Americans who voted in 2008 will sit out the 2010 general election unless they are contacted and encouraged to vote again this year.

HARRIS (1934), “ELECTION ADMINISTRATION IN THE UNITED STATES” great historical reference for any student of elections and election administration


India: Awful projections by exit polls and media pundits raise EVM Tampering concerns It is therefore natural to ask why Indian pollsters in general (and that includes my own predictions) and media pundits in particular have failed to read the voter mood correctly in the 2009 and 2004 Lok Sabha elections when they were able to do so very accurately until 1999?

Kenya: IIEC trains Kenyan prison warders on vote

Philippines: IT Experts Praise Citizens’ Election Monitoring, Call for Filing of Cases vs. Comelec, Smartmatic

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