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SC Primary 'This whole election is unbelievable.' Aspen DA election probe

" of Friday “at least 50 of California’s 58 county election offices had more than 1 million ballots that had to be verified before they could be counted.” according to SoS Debra Bowen..10% of Yuma Co AZ absentee ballots rejected...Aspen voters to finally get some answers: DA election probe continues...Cuyahoga taxpayers might get stuck with legal fees in 2004 recount rigging case...Vic Rawl Protests Alvin Greene Win in SC Primary. Cites reports of “extremely unusual incidents”..DISCLOSE Act H.R. 5175 on the radar next week..Is Internet voting secure? "Cyber warfare has moved beyond theory" reports CBS...

AL: Alabama: Republicans complaining about 'strict construction' of recount law

AR: Bomb found at polling site OSAGE -- A search of Carroll County polling sites took place Wednesday after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found at the Osage Baptist Church where voters cast ballots Tuesday.

AR: Candidates: Garland County election problems show need for state-trained coordinators

AZ: Law enforcement investigating San Luis early ballots *
The Yuma Sun previously reported that of the total 2,983 ballots cast in the San Luis election, 1,477 were early ballots. Of those, 143 ballots were rejected because they had signatures that didn't match the registered voters,' said Assistant Secretary of State Jim Drake.

Drake said there was an error rate of 10 percent. When workers with the Secretary of State's office compared those numbers to other elections of similar size, rates in those cases were 1 percent or less.

CA: Ballot-counting process in Riverside County too slow for some Counting the Riverside County vote-by-mail ballots from Tuesday's election was completed early Sunday, and at least one winner is asking for an investigation of the process.

CA: Riverside County election results delayed
It could take another week or two before all provisional ballots are counted, county election officials said. As of 6 a.m. today, 194,149 votes have been counted, with about 40,000 mail-in votes and 7,445 provisional ballots still left to be tallied...

CA: Buckle up for a bumpy election* Technical problems marred the vote count in Solano County. Unrelated to the election, but bad timing nonetheless, was an as-yet-unresolved software problem that crashed the county's website just before eager election watchers tried to see how the contests were going.

It didn't help that the Registrar of Voters office was having trouble of its own. A high number of write-in candidates -- Daffy Duck, among them -- slowed the process, as the counting machines had to stop and spit out each write-in ballot. Then an operator error took one -- and later, a second -- of the four machines offline until the problem was resolved.

Write-ins aren't expected to be much of an issue in November, but more ballots are. For the primary, the elections department decided to save $30,000 by processing all ballots in a central location. Next fall, it might be worth the extra cost to have ballots counted at the precincts, which would ensure a quicker tally.

CA: Election follow-up: Sample ballots, ballots at polls may differ

CO: DA's Aspen election probe continues (voters to get answers on 5/5/09 election)
Deputy District Attorney Tony Hershey said last week he thought the investigation might wrap up soon, but said Friday that more legal issues have been identified.

“It's going to take more time. I want to make sure this is thoroughly investigated,” he said.

MT: The Constitutional Initiative in Montana (white paper draft)

NC: Military votes hard to get; few register to vote here
Army wife and Fort Bragg resident Monica Lynn Brown-Wilson thinks too few people living at Bragg and Pope Air Force Base vote in North Carolina elections.

NJ: Mercer County clerk calls mystery Ewing ballots 'serious' *
EWING — How did a locked orange pouch holding unused provisional ballots marked Ewing District 18 for Tuesday’s June 8 primary election wind up Friday on the doorstep of cable TV station WZBN in Hamilton?

NY: Trying to Make History, With 6 Votes Per Person *
No one is sure whether the complicated new process, which emerged from a bitter and expensive legal battle, will have the desired effect — or plunge the community into a new round of litigation. Most candidates and political leaders are hoping for the best...

OH: Prosecutors fear case could leave county on the hook for corruption probe legal fees
a jury convicted Maiden and Dreamer in 2007 of being criminally negligent. A judge sentenced them to 18 months in prison. The convictions were later overturned, however, and a new trial ordered.
Lambert also asserts -- in addition to the timing issue -- that the employees are not entitled to taxpayer-funded attorneys because their conduct was not the result of a well-intended attempt by the defendants to carry out their duties.

SC: BREAKING: U.S. Senate Candidate Files Challenge to SC's 'Unreliable, Unverifiable' E-Vote Results
Vic Rawl says inexplicable Democratic primary contest casts 'cloud' over state election; Notes 'irregularities', problem reports from voters, poll workers, vows 'electoral reform', calls for 'full and unblinking investigation of overall integrity' of state's ES&S voting system...

SC: Rawl protests bizarre U.S. Senate primary in S.C. *
Rawl said his campaign has gotten reports of “extremely unusual incidents” ranging voters who repeatedly pressed the screen for Rawl only to have the other candidate’s name appear, to poll workers who had to change program cards multiple times, to at least one voter in the Republican primary who had the Democratic U.S. Senate race appear on her ballot.

Rawl referred to the “well-documented unreliability and unverifiability of the voting machines used in South Carolina,” saying that the machines were purchased surplus from Louisiana after that state outlawed them.

SC: This whole election is unbelievable:
Let us hope that South Carolina, the Democratic Party, and many others will learn that we need to fix our voting systems, especially those with no paper records

SC: Vic Rawl Protests Alvin Greene Win in Primary Rawl wants people who experienced voting problems to go to his website, or to call a hotline he set up at 843-278-0510.

SC: S.C. Senate candidate Greene faces federal investigation The chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Carol Fowler, says the Federal Elections Commission has launched an investigation of Alvin Greene, the surprising winner of the U.S. Senate Democratic primary.

The issue is where the unemployed Greene came up with $10,000 he had to pay to officially file to run for office

SC: BREAKING! More Votes Counted Than Ballots Cast In South Carolina Election (MSNBC)

SC: Red Flags Suggest Potential E-Voting Issues In Bizarre South Carolina Election
from the where's-the-paper-trail? dept

SC: Vic Rawl for U.S. Senate (the one media article that vetted both candidates)

SC: S.C. Strikes Again
Alvin Greene filed for our sins.

SD: County discovers uncounted primary ballots *
The issue was in precinct 2-2, which was the only polling place in the county with two ballot boxes - one for the Republicans and one for the Democrats. Nearly all of the Democratic votes - a little more than 100 of them - were mistakenly mixed.


DISCLOSE Act on the radar next week (H.R. 5175)
Eric Cantor’s Whip Notice for next week lists H.R. 5175 (the DISCLOSE Act) for possible consideration.

Reports of Public Financing’s Demise are Exaggerated

New York Times Columnist Gail Collins Comments on Role of Political Parties

Minor Party/Independent Candidate Constitutional Lawsuits Pending in 21 States

More on the Judicial Watch docs.

Internet Voting Watch

Cyber War (video on CBS News);contentAux8
Could foreign hackers get into the computer systems that run crucial elements of the world's infrastructure, such as the power grids, water works or even a nation's military arsenal, to create havoc?

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