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Vote by Mail fallout. Dead Lincoln WV voters NOT dead. Pakistan mulls e-voting

Diebold manipulated numbers – Fraud investigation continues – Voting: Not in question...Dorr MI Township miscount caused by missed maintenance, dirt buildup in scanners...List of Dead Lincoln WV Voters Wrong...Vote by Mail Spreads, But Doesn't Help All Voters..The hidden zinger in Cal Prop 14..Rio Arriba County NM vote tally problems...Czech Republic "Free beer if you vote" campaign draws young voters...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

Election Day voter registration would be contingent on California’s new statewide voter database, which is still in the works.

CA: The hidden zinger in Prop. 14
Proposition 14 would remove the Peace and Freedom and Libertarian parties from the ballot
Why won't the L.A. Times even mention this flaw in the measure? Who are the big dailies afraid of offending?

CA: Local Organizations Prepare Community for Oakland's New Voting System
The city of Oakland is paying the Alameda County Registrar of Voters $146,000 to administer a heavily media-based campaign that includes mailers, brochures and videos, according to city clerk LaTonda Simmons. However, foreseeing that the county's campaign will not reach all demographics, some community groups are - or plan to begin - spreading the word about the new system that allows voters to rank up to three candidates in order of preference and eliminates separate run-off elections.

MI: Dorr Township recount finds four minor tally changes *
“Those scan heads need periodic cleaning to clearly see and recognize correctly the marks made by voters,” Watts said. “The machines in Dorr and elsewhere process thousands of ballots a year; paper dust builds up.”

NC: Complaint filed over ballot counting before polls closed *
An election watchdog in Swain County is protesting the tallying of early votes before the close of polls on Election Day, claiming it could have given some candidates an unfair advantage if those results be leaked.
The results from early voting can’t be announced until after the polls close. But it is technically OK for those on the board of elections to call a few friends, party officials or even select candidates and share the results that afternoon.

NC: "Madame Justice"
Defendant has never been a member of the judiciary. However, Defendant began referring to herself as "Madame Justice" on her campaign website by at least March of 2006[ 1 ]. For her 2006 Supreme Court campaign, Defendant sought to have herself listed as "Rachel Lea (Madame Justice) Hunter" on the official election ballot.

NM: Rio Arriba County late with vote tallies … again *
A delay in reporting Rio Arriba County election results Tuesday night was due to a connection failure between the County’s automated election system and the Secretary of State’s office, according to County Clerk Moises Morales.

...Tallies were not received until after 2 a.m. Wednesday because absentee ballot boxes had to be driven to Tierra Amarilla from far-flung corners of the large northern New Mexico county for counting, Padilla and others said.
But Rio Arriba County has a history of questionable delays in turning in ballots and reporting election results, making any election night glitches a sensitive issue.

NJ: Mail-in ballots put Rodriguez on top in Paterson council race *
PATERSON — Rigo Rodriguez was declared the winner of a close City Council race Wednesday after a state judge ruled that 49 uncounted mail-in votes discovered on Tuesday should be part of the recount. (chain of custody issue)

WV: Prosecutor: List of Dead Lincoln Voters Wrong
Last month, County Commissioner Charles Vance provided a list of names of people he said were dead but had voted in the May primary.

In a statement issued Thursday, W.J. Stevens said all the people whose names Vance listed are alive.

WV: Eastern Panhandle publisher sues secretary of state
The publisher of the Shepherdstown Observer has sued Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, alleging that she is misapplying election law and stifling the paper's investigation into alleged voting irregularities.

WV: Democracy of America Members Speak Out Against Electronic Voting (video available)


Vote by Mail Spreads, But Doesn't Help All Voters
When a mandatory vote-by-mail system is implemented, the estimated odds of an individual voter voting actually decreases by 13.2%...with the estimated odds of voting decreasing 50% for urban voters, 30.3% for Asian voters; and 27.3% for Hispanic voters.


Voting equipment maker Diebold settles accounting fraud charges for $25 million
Former Diebold chief executive Walden O'Dell, who stirred protest when he promised to deliver Ohio to President George W. Bush in 2004, agreed under the settlement to give the company back $470,000 in cash bonuses, $1 million in stock and 85,000 stock options for compensation related to the fraud.

3 Former Officials of Diebold Sued

they had manipulated the company’s books to meet earnings forecasts from 2002 through 2007.

Diebold manipulated numbers – Fraud investigation continues – Voting: Not in question.
Voting is not like ATM’s or the Stock Market. ATM’s provide receipts and double entry bookkeeping. In the stock market we can follow the money

Internet Voting Watch

Georgia Makes It Easier For Military To Vote In State Elections House Bill 665 establishes a pilot voting project that allows overseas and military voters to cast their ballots and have them received by local election officials in time to be counted. One method is to establish kiosks where voters cast their ballot, and the ballot is transmitted to the Secretary of State’s office or the voter’s county via a secure online network.


Overseas Vote Foundation WORLD NEWS DEPT: Czech Republic has a festive idea of democracy: "Free beer if you vote" campaign draws young voters.

Pakistan: Election Commission likely to introduce E-voting Machine
ISLAMABAD: The Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Wednesday hinted at introduction of electronic voting machines (EVM) and said a final report on the subject was due by July-end this year.

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