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Garland Arkansas election fiasco. Ballot error in NJ Primary. Summit OH ballot fail

Garland County Arkansas voters were turned away from the polls Saturday. With only 2 polling places instead of the usual 40, with 76,000 registered voters, a hotly contested primary runoff & other races,officials promised to open an extra polling place on Saturday. The polling place was not opened & voters were turned away..California to vote on election reform props 14 & 15 on June 8th...Saugatuck MI botched recount..82 un-scannable absentee ballots in Summit Ohio...Ballot error may taint NJ CD-11 DEM Primary.."Naughty Diebold directors get pwned"..India EVMs go Bollywood...The Ills of Privatized Elections..World watches as Dutch vote with pencil...

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All this and more in today's voting news below...

AL: Low turnout for Alabama primaries; Reed alleges voter fraud
Low-turnout-for-Alabama-primaries-Reed-alleges-voter-fraud The state's chief elections official, Secretary of State Beth Chapman, said she received some complaints. They included a few people in Dallas County being unable to vote because someone had already cast absentee ballots in their names, and a complaint that someone in Bullock County was offering $10 to people willing to vote for a judicial candidate.

AL: Alabama: fewer provisional ballots than 4 years ago

AR: Hundreds of voters turned away from the polls
Two hundred voters were turned away from the polls Saturday in Garland County after the election commission says it made a mistake by telling voters they could vote

AR: Making Sense of the Closed Polls in Arkansas * (text, video interviews & photos),-Arkansas-Runoff

So, after having promised the location would be open and the statement being printed in the local newspaper, they did not open the polling location.

AR: Garland County Election Controversy: Voters Turned Away * (video avail)
So, he looked into opening up the location here for an extra day--which would have been Saturday.

At first, he said an attorney with the Secretary of State's office advised him he could do it, so he made the announcement.

But he later came across an Arkansas law that requires him to give at least 5 days notice to the public when opening a polling location.

AR: Halter: Concerned about Garland Co. early voting
Lt. Gov. Bill Halter's campaign says it's concerned that Garland County election officials reneged on their promise to allow early voting on Saturday.

AR: O'Brien plan to avoid vote fiasco

Pat O'Brien, in the Democratic primary runoff for secretary of state, steps forward with some sound legislative proposals to avoid future fiascos such as has occurred in Garland County

AR: Labor, Enviro Groups Use Arkansas Senate Primary As Citizens United Testing Ground


CA: Weekly Wrap Up - On June 8th, California voters will weigh in on two election reform measures, Propositions 14 and 15.
Proposition 14 would create a single ballot for primary elections...Proposition 15, also known as the California Fair Elections Act, would repeal California’s ban on public funding for elections...

CA: California Libertarian Candidate Produces Own Radio Ad Against Proposition 14, Pays to Get it On Air

CA: Vote-By-Mail Ballot Turnout Low (Sacramento Co) Primary Occurs Tuesday

CA: Some Peninsula residents still checking their mail for missing voter information guide (San Mateo County)

CA: Complaints of election fraud in Community College District
doc4c0d6243986b4852554648.txt The State Fair Political Practices Commission, after receiving a complaint of election fraud in the 2008 Community College District race, has “prosecuted” one of the winning candidates, John Futch and fined his campaign $6000.

CA: eVoter Established as California's Comprehensive Voter Resource for the 2010 Primary Election

CT: Registrar of Voters office: Missing cards, gossip and deputy fired * BRIDGEPORT...What started out as an investigation into a missing voter registration card a few months ago ultimately led to the unveiling of 50 voter registration cards stashed away in a desk drawer for years.

DE: "Delaware House passes bill to count incarcerated people at home"

GA: Justice Department OK's precinct consolidation
The Muscogee County Board of Elections got word this morning, that the U.S. Department of Justice gave the OK to consolidate precincts from 48 to 28.

GA: Longtime elections official signs out (Gary Smith)
Smith plans to stay involved in process

IN: St. John wants map snafu fixed *
ST. JOHN An election snafu that forced some recently annexed St. John residents to vote at their former unincorporated precincts still has not been untangled.

MI: Saugatuck’s botched recount * The discrepancy that canceled the recount of ballots in the May 4 Saugatuck Township millage election was more than a “glitch” or a “clerical error.” The snafu (numbers on the seal of a bag of ballots didn’t match those in a poll book) was an embarrassment that calls into question the integrity of a highly controversial election that ended with a two-vote margin and fuels the imagination of conspiracy theorists.

MN: Ladies and gentleman, Elvis is on the Minnesota ballot
ST. PAUL, Minn. — An Elvis impersonator wearing a red jump suit has filed for office as the running mate of a gubernatorial candidate seeking Minnesota's GOP nomination.

NJ: Ballot Error Could Taint Congressional District Democratic Primary Democratic candidate James D. Kelly, running for the NJ's 11th district is incorrectly listed as a column one Democrat in Morris County.

NJ: Judge prepares for 13-defendant trial in voter fraud case involving Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small

OH: Summit certifies primary results * (Ballot on Demand problems)
Elections board conducts hand count after errors with printer discovered
The Summit County Board of Elections was able to certify the May 4 primary Tuesday night, despite printer problems that forced employees to hand-count about 9,000 absentee ballots.
Teams of 20 to 28 people spent 20 1/2 hours between Thursday evening and Saturday night hand-counting the absentee ballots after printer errors were discovered May 19.

Deputy Director Ron Koehler said employees found problems with 82 ballots where the ballot-on-demand printer incorrectly had lined up the ovals that voters filled on the issues portion. This made it impossible for the scanners to read the ballots.

OH: Justice Department OKs consolidating Columbus voting precincts
Approval means different precincts for primaries, general election

RI: Rhode Island activist says "Still time to pass the Residence of Those in Government Custody Act"

VA: Former Grafton official pleads to lying on voter form


Diebold Can’t Even Count Their Own Money Properly (great cartoon also)

Naughty Diebold directors get pwned

Is Government Broken? Strengthening Democracy through Election and Governance Reforms
Discussion transcripts and audio podcasts (listen)

Justice Department To Monitor Elections in California, New Jersey and South Dakota WASHINGTON, June 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Justice Department announced today that it will monitor elections on June 8, 2010... Riverside County, Calif.; Middlesex County, N.J.; and Charles Mix and Shannon Counties, S.D.

Citizens United

The Fight is On: Real People vs. Corporate "People"
Just as Dred Scott was only an extension of existing law, Citizens United merely extends law that has been developing for a long time. But, like Dred Scott, the Court's conclusion makes clear to most people that the law is wrong.

DISCLOSE Act push when Congress returns
The Times preps reform troops for a DISCLOSE Act push when Congress returns from the Memorial Day recess

The Citizens United Effect
Some of the first exploiters of the campaign finance free-for-all aren't corporations, but labor unions.


Walk the Talk
In its devastating decision to allow an uncontrolled flood of corporate money into federal elections, the Supreme Court tried to head off critics by endorsing full disclosure of fat-cat donors. It is not enough. But Congress can repair some of the damage by passing the “Disclose” campaign finance reform.

Internet Voting

Lithuania; a step closer to e-voting

Rop Gonggrip on Internet Voting Debate (Part 1)!
Rop "loves technology...would like internet voting to be the solution...election results however need to come about in a transparent manner...I think this is paramount... Internet voting carries risks, these risks are different than postal voting....banks were mostly postal before they went to internet... there's huge fraud depts handling bank transactions and credit can't do that in a voting system.. there's phishing....These new risks are badly understood."

Scratch, Click & Vote: E2E Voting over the Internet (white paper)

A Practical and Secure Coercion-Resistant Scheme for Internet Voting (white paper)


Australia (we wrongly said Canada on Monday): Electoral Reforms In Victoria Will Increase Voter Participation
Young Victorians will be automatically enrolled to vote in Victorian elections, and unregistered voters will be able to enroll on election day, under reforms to be implemented by the Brumby Labor Government.

India: ‘Rajniti’: EVMs in mainstream cinema, present and future
The film showcases all that ails politics today...That EVMs have now been added as yet another dimension of Indian politics shows the salience the subject has achieved.

India: Should India ban electronic voting machines? A recent study by a collaborative team from University of Michigan and NetIndia raised questions about the security fallacies of the electronic voting machines

Netherlands: World watches as Dutch vote with pencil
The Netherlands is the first country to go back to voting with paper ballots, after making the transition to computers. Other countries are wondering if they should follow the Dutch example.

Philippines: The Ills of Privatized Elections

Philippines elections 2010: automated fraud?
elections_2010_automated_fraud/ United States voters worried about electronic voting should pay close attention to the recent Philippines elections.

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