Thursday, July 1, 2010

Voter roll flaws impact 1 in 10 voters. Voters sue to count 12,563 RivCo ballots

Study of Los Angeles County CA and Florida voter rolls finds 10%+ of voters records had flaws that could prevent voters from casting a ballot..Butler County OH may settle suit w/Premiere over failure that caused 200 votes to go uncounted...Final judgement -ES&S must sell some assets...The USACM Releases Issue Brief on Military and Overseas Internet Voting...Meanwhile more Canadian voters will trust their ballots to their personal computers, the WWW, & an internet vendor. What could possibly go wrong?...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

CA: Lawsuit filed over 12,563 misplaced ballots in RivCo election The Riverside County Democratic Central Committee and three residents are asking the Superior Court to prohibit certification

CA: REGION: Voters sue to compel count of ballots left at post office
Riverside County welcomes challenge; Lawmaker aims to prevent repeat of election snafu

CA: OB Voter Registration – Right to Vote for Ex-Convicts and the Homeless “You should see these guys…before I talk with them they’re walking like this…” Mike slumps his shoulders and shuffles his feet. “But, once they know they are legally allowed vote and they’ve registered with me, they walk like this…” now he shows me the walk transformed, chest puffed out and chin high. Mike sums this up with a smile and a tap to my arm “Registering makes them feel GOOD about themselves.”

DC: D.C. Councilwoman questions election preparation Starting with the Sept. 14 primary, people can register to vote at the polls on election day. But Cheh appeared unconvinced that the board was ready to handle potential instances of vote-buying and voter fraud

ME: Our View: Charter commission should split decisions
An elected mayor and a new vote-counting method should be considered on their own.

NC: State Senate OKs absentee ballot bill
The state Senate voted Wednesday for legislation intended to ensure that soldiers stationed away from North Carolina correctly receive absentee ballots

OH: Butler County may settle voting machine lawsuit Company in settlement discussions with county over 2008 election night glitch. The county is still in closed-door mediation with Premier Elections Solutions, a former Diebold Inc. subsidiary, over technical problems including a March 2008 election night glitch that almost caused more than 200 votes to go uncounted.

PA: City officials hear testimony of alleged election fraud There's still no certified winner in a disputed legislative race in North Philadelphia. City election officials held a hearing yesterday on charges of Election Day bullying and vote fraud in the May 18 Democratic primary

Internet Voting

USACM Releases Issue Brief on Military and Overseas Internet Voting
USACM recommends that any internet voting be done in such a way that there is an independent record that can be used in the event of an audit or recount. Currently this means a dedicated kiosk system that also produces a paper record.
[The ACM U.S. Public Policy Council (USACM) serves as the focal point for ACM's interaction with U.S. government organizations, the computing community, and the U.S. public in all matters of U.S. public policy related to information technology.]

Canada: Public given insight into electronic voting
+into+electronic+voting ...embarking on electronic voting in this election, including: North Grenville and the Townships of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, Augusta, Elizabethtown-Kitley, Leeds and the 1000 Islands, and the City of Brockville.

What can possibly go wrong with internet voting pilots? Flash back to 2008
Finnish E-Voting Results Annulled By The Supreme Administrative Court


Voting machine maker must sell some assets
Under the settlement, ES&S will have to sell voting equipment system assets it bought from Premier Elections Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of Diebold Inc.

CASE NO.: 1:10-cv-00380 JUDGE: Bates, John D. DECK TYPE: Antitrust
DATE STAMP: June 28, 2010 (doc outlines what the assets are)

Scott+Scott LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Diebold Inc. and Others on Behalf of Investors -- DBD

Online registration assistant launched for military voters

Is Online Voter Registration the Future?
David Orr, Cook County Clerk and a reform politician of 30 years

Voter Registration Data Accuracy: A Study of Two Major Jurisdictions
Twelve percent of Florida voters and nearly 10 percent of Los Angeles County voters surveyed reported at least one significant error—such as name, birth date or address—in their record that could prevent them from casting a ballot.


Australia: Queenslanders drag democracy's chain Despite electronic voting taking place in India with 315 million voters, and in the Australian Capital Territory with 240,000 voters, Mr Killesteyn said it was unlikely to happen nationally.

Bulgarian Conservatives Discover Glitch in Parliament's Voting System

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