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Texas elections yesterday a big mess. NM election chief quits.

Texas' elections were a mess yesterday. There were issues with polling places being moved, some not opening, and some opening late. Voting was delayed at one location where poll workers couldn't get the voting machines started. There were voting machine software problems and some contests had to be counted manually - where votes could be counted manually. Wrong electronic ballots went out to one polling place but paper ballots were used instead. Some election workers were in over their heads dealing with the electronic voting machines....

All this and much more in today's voting news below....

AL: Alabama Bill for Proportional Split of Presidential Electors Gets Hearing

CO: Boulder County considers all mail-in ballots for primary election
...Local election watchdog Al Kolwicz, a trustee with the Colorado Voter Group, said that it's impossible to prove that mail-in ballots increase turnout, since the character of each election is so different.

"The point is that it's not the mail-in ballot that creates higher turnout, it's the contest, it's the stuff that's going on," he said.

And even if mail-in ballots did get more people to vote, the increased turnout would not be worth the increase in security risks associated with mail-in ballots, according to Kolwicz.

HI: Hawaii's all-mail congressional election set for May 22
all registered voters in the 1st Congressional District will receive a ballot by early May. Completed ballots must be returned by 6 p.m. on May 22.

IN: Election officials worry vote centers could be eliminated
Phillips said Democratic leadership in the House is looking to trade legislation that extends the vote center pilot program for a "no excuse" version of absentee voting.

NM: New Mexico Elections Chief Quits
Salazar gave no reason.

NY: New Voting Machines Are on the Way -- Probably

NY: County's election costs will almost double
Herkimer County residents casting ballots at their polling places in the next general election will notice two additional election workers posted at their station.

PA: Nader Gets D.C. Court Hearing in Case Over Pennsylvania Challengers Access to Nader Bank Funds

TN: Administrator says $22K needed for upcoming election (Dickson County)

TX: Graford precinct receives ballots made for Gordon *
Voting machine error not caught before Tuesday
MINERAL WELLS — Election judges around the county had varying experiences. Judges for Precincts 4, 21 and 29 had a small glitch with one machine, but said the county clerk’s office came and fixed it quickly, according to one judge.
“For some reason it wasn’t caught until they started voting (Tuesday) morning,” she said of the Precinct 7 snafu. “We gave them paper ballots and nobody was denied a vote, there’s no big story in this, it happens, mistakes are made.”

TX: Hidalgo County Election Results Finally 'Final' *
As CHANNEL 5 NEWS first reported, a computer glitch at the election's office created concern and delays election night. County spokesperson Cari Lambrecht blamed a software malfunction that caused early votes to be counted twice. After they discovered the glitch, workers started re-counting the votes from every precinct. Lambrecht wants to reassure voters and candidates the final numbers are accurate.

TX: South Texas county's results delayed by glitches *
Hidalgo County elections staff on Wednesday set about reconciling a rocky election night vote count while standing behind their late-arriving election totals.

Early Tuesday evening, a formatting glitch led county elections officials to opt for a manual count of Republican primary races, said Yvonne Ramon, county elections director. That labor intensive change delayed results by several hours.

Separately, a mistake in the counting of Democratic primary ballots compounded the delay and led to the initial release of inaccurate voting results, forcing some candidates to concede twice.

In that incident, election workers uploading the memory cards from precinct machines forgot to first clear the system of earlier voting totals. The result was a double count of the first 10 precincts to report their votes.

TX: Collin County election results delayed amid heavy voter turnout *
"A lot of locations probably could have used more [voting] machines," Seals said.

TX: UPDATE: Last-minute change leaves voters in lurch *
Usual polling place at Richland College moved to nearby Richland Elementary
Toya Owens, who works in the communications and marketing department, said they received many calls from voters who came to Richland College just to find they were in the wrong place.

A Richland employee speaking on the condition of anonymity said voting machines had been delivered to campus previously, but were removed yesterday.

TX: A Late Start For Voting (LTE) *
The polling location for precincts 146 and 148 located at Calvary Baptist Church, 517 18th Ave. N., in Texas City, wasn’t ready to accommodate voters until 7:22 a.m. Tuesday.

As paper ballots are no longer available, voters were forced to wait until those manning the polls figured out how to operate the electronic hardware. Volunteers assigned to one of the two registration tables were uninformed as what to do as well.

TX: Starr Co. mail-in ballots impounded *
RIO GRANDE CITY — Authorities have impounded several mail-in ballots on suspicion they may have been tampered with...
Silva said a post office clerk reported an individual trying to drop off dozens of mail-in ballots at once.

TX: Precinct problems: Some Democratic polls relocated in Houston area (Harris County, precincts 347 and 709)*

VA: Marginal mayhem
The University Board of Elections should educate the student body further about its voting methodology Lead Editorial / Opinion March 3, 2010

Though polls are closed for the University-wide student elections, questions remain about the University Board of Election’s preferential voting procedures. For those unfamiliar with this system, the UBE uses a technique called instant-runoff voting.

VT: Burlington Voters Repeal Instant Runoff Voting

VT: Burlington rejects instant runoff voting

WA: Washington Secretary of State Web Page Helps Anyone See Documents in Pending Lawsuit Against Top-Two Primary System

WV: Internet Absentee Voting Program To Be Tested in May
Marshall County has been chosen to participate in an online absentee voting project in the upcoming May primary election.

The goal of the project is to give all out-of-state military personnel, as well as overseas voters, the opportunity to cast their ballots through a secure Web site.
Jackson, Kanawha, Monongalia and Wood counties will also be participating in the pilot program. If the program is successful during the primary election, it may be used in the November general election as well.


EAC Chair Donetta Davidson to receive 2010 NASS Freedom Award

For background on Davidson, see article on Davidson:
U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair, Donetta Davidson, Knew About Problems of Voting Machine Test Labs But Kept Quiet


Canada: Elections Committee to report on elections ‘irregularities’
(Alma Mater Society of UBC Vancouver )..every single race on this year’s elections ballot could be affected, and that the problem only affects online voting.

Canada: AMS Electoral Fraud Presumed; Everything on Ballot Under Review What has been revealed is that the fraud was not targeted to any portion of the ballot. It has to do with entire ballots being cast illegitimately. Therefore, every single thing on the ballot could be affected, from executive positions, BoG reps, Senate reps, to the single referendum that passed, and even VFM.

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  1. Vicki,Karen,
    You guys are true warriors. The voting machines and overall lack of integrity in the voting process is for the most part forgotten by many patriots. We all worked so hard for Debra subconsciously "hoping" we'd have enough momentum to sail past any voting fraud. We discussed it at our house "Debra's doing great but we have black box voting in Texas".
    The side that wins never complains and when the losers raise objections they are just "poor sports". I would submit that we all lose when we no longer have "elections" but "appointments".
    Thank you for your hard work. Let me know if I can help.


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