Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$4M made on Clay KY vote buying.FL,TX vote glitches. Internet voting race to the bottom

This IS the March 10 voting news. (We started late last night hence 3/9 date on post). Upton Co TX officials believe a software flaw allowed early voted ballots to be double counted.(ES&S is the vendor)... A loss for Aspen voters: A judge dismissed a lawsuit to make the digital images of Aspen's May 2009 IRV election public. You may remember that Humboldt County California makes digital images of their ballots available to the public on the intenret...Clay County KY witnesses testify-bribes, shootings, beatings marred Clay elections, 4$ Million in financial gain... Canada May Join Internet Voting Race To The Bottom...The BC Green Party is calling for internet voting - but experts say internet voting is inherently insecure and takes away the secret ballot... Let’s Not Rush Towards Online Voting

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CA: Electronic Signatures To Be Tested In Court

CO: Judge dismisses Marks' lawsuit over Aspen election
http://bit.ly/dyObMG Judge James Boyd of the Ninth Judicial District Court dismissed the case, citing the Colorado state constitution, which requires the city clerk to keep ballots secret.

CT: Canada May Join Internet Voting Race To The Bottom
As CTVotersCount readers know we have long opposed internet voting, unless and until a viable mechanism is reviewed and approved by the majority of Computer Scientists, Security Experts and Advocates

FL: Glitch temporarily freezes results on Palm Beach County elections Web site*
RIVIERA BEACH — An unexplained computer problem delayed the publishing of election results for more than an hour Tuesday night on the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Web site.

FL: Incumbents win in Jupiter, Tequesta elections * (article does not elaborate)
Glitches in vote counting delay Jupiter results until after midnight.
http://bit.ly/aK6jiP ...Golonka earned 54 percent of the vote, while Burg received 35 percent, in an election marred by a glitch in the voting machine results for seven precincts, which delayed the final tally until after midnight.

GA: Precinct, poll location changes will affect almost 42,000 voters
Lawrenceville, Ga., (March 9, 2010) – Gwinnett County will reduce the number of voting precincts from 163 to 155 to save money and operate more efficiently.

GA: Secretary of State Kemp Applauds Georgia House Passage of MOVE Act Legislation

KY: Agents say defendants made $4 million from fraud
FRANKFORT, KY (AP) - Federal agents have testified that a scheme to buy votes in Clay County netted those accused more than $4 million in salaries and contract payments since 2002.

KY: Clay officials accused of reaping $4 million
Steered contracts, jobs, agents say
http://bit.ly/aLADpU ...One charge in the indictment is the money they made was laundered because it resulted from illegal election activity.

KY: Bribes, shootings, beatings marred Clay elections, witnesses testify *

MN: Consensus leads to voting process fix. Hard work to build bipartisan solutions pays off.

TX: Upton officials blame glitch *
Inflated results, silence lead to uproar over controversial totals
Kristin E. Reid, the county’s Democratic chair, said Monday that an apparent glitch in the county’s electronic voting system appears to have tabulated early voting numbers twice, distorting the results.

TX: Dallas County JP accuses victorious rival of mail-in ballot fraud
http://bit.ly/bkoGqM Sepulveda said numerous people told him they did not request a ballot and did not vote but "somehow there were ballots cast in their name."

WI: Five charged in election fraud investigation *


Here's a vote against Internet balloting

Canada: B.C. Greens call for electronic voting, new referendum on electoral reform
VANCOUVER, B.C. — The B.C. Green party says the province should try electronic voting to help boost voter turnout and take another crack at proportional representation in the legislature.

Canada: Let’s Not Rush Towards Online Voting
What security concerns have to be addressed other than only being able to vote once, password encryption strength, ensuring that evoters haven’t also cast physical ballots, etc?

Singapore: Security is crucial
Letter from Goh Jing Xian Manager (Public Education & Training) Elections Department

The Election Department has considered other means of voting such as Internet voting or postal voting for overseas voters. However, these have fundamental challenges of voter authentication, security of the vote and voting secrecy. For these reasons, we have decided not to adopt such voting methods, but to keep to the current polling station-based voting system for overseas voting.

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