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ES&S Trade Secrets Trial. The 1st Corporate Ad. CT audits election. Why ACORN fell.

"Auditing election results isn’t just a good idea, it’s absolutely essential in order to guarantee the integrity of our elections,” said Connecticut Sec. of State Bysiewicz...Letter to editor criticizing Aspen Times: "An independently owned community newspaper should demand government transparency, not defend the government in demonizing the reformers."...Trial set in Neb. election trade secrets case where former ES&S employees used copyrighted software to help state and local governments manage elections...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CT: Bysiewicz draws precincts to have Town Committee Primary results audited
http://bit.ly/abmDWP ...As required by Public Act 07-194, An Act Concerning the Integrity and Security of the Voting Process, ten percent of the polling precincts used in the primaries are subject to an audit.

CT: What could a Secretary of the State Do?
http://www.ctvoterscount.org/?p=2982 When I talk to candidates for Secretary of the State, one of my main themes is what they could do on their own authority as Secretary of the State to improve election integrity and public confidence...

CO: Protect independent Logic and Accuracy Testing

CO: A double standard (LTE)
Hooper, presumably with your blessing, refused to report the story of the city's cover-up of the election problems, their coordinated efforts to discredit valid concerns of well-known election activists.

CO: The cover-up continues (LTE) http://bit.ly/9Wv6Qm

CO: defender of democracy (LTE)
http://bit.ly/bXrQ6h She (Marks) has asked that the ballot images be released so that those who actually understand the problems with the voting methodology can determine whether there is a problem. The city and its leaders,...do not want to hear the message.

CO: Glass Ballot Box Project--Aspen Election Transparency
The Glass Ballot Box Litigation project is an effort to keep election records (including scanned ballot images) as publicly available records.

CO: Council appoints new election 

CO: A double standard (LTE)
http://bit.ly/aWjRRN ...Hooper, presumably with your blessing, refused to report the story of the city's cover-up of the election problems, their coordinated efforts to discredit valid concerns of well-known election activists.

GA: Georgia secretary of state weighs in on electronic voting systems
http://bit.ly/9CWsit Most Georgians trust electronic voting systems that have been in place across the state for several years...
The elections industry is moving to seek some sort of paper verification system, according to Kemp, because there is a segment of the population out there that doesn’t trust electronic voting.

MA: Learning About Memory Cards
http://bit.ly/bhsfdv Sheila Parks w/Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots
This is a non-scientific, non random report about two jurisdictions and what they did with their memory cards both before the election and after the polls closed on election night, January 19, 2010...

MI: Detroit protesters call for city clerk to quit
The Call 'Em Out group contends widespread voter fraud in last fall's mayoral election cost accountant Tom Barrow the race against Dave Bing.

NB: Trial set in Neb. election trade secrets case
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - A January 2011 federal trial date has been set in a case in which an Omaha elections systems firm sued former employees over trade secrets.
The Omaha company alleges Dalton was using copyrighted software to help state and local governments manage elections...

NC: Elections official hit by car needs surgery on broken wrist (get well Mike!)
DURHAM -- Durham County elections Director Mike Ashe was to undergo surgery on his wrist Monday at Duke Hospital after he was hit by a car Friday..

OH: Elections board member steps down amid ethics concerns (Pickaway County)
http://bit.ly/9SOhA1 ...She circulated candidate's petitions, then OK'd them..

TN: Rep. Borchert, citizens protest election letters *
http://bit.ly/d6qYjt ...According to Borchert, his wife has been voting in Benton County for 48 years, yet she received one of the letters. On her voter registration card she did not mark that she was a United States citizen...
The letters in question were sent out to voters who had deficiencies on their voter registration cards.

TN: Accurate count, place to play & city stalling
http://tinyurl.com/yzguwph Clearing up Tennessee voter rolls
The Tennessee Secretary of State says more than 10,000 dead voters have been purged as part of an effort to clean up the election rolls.
Tennessee has connected with 14 states to share voter registration and see if some voters are casting ballots in other states...

WA: Get well soon, Sam (you can leave a get well message on the SOS blog)


"Fixing prison-based gerrymandering after the 2010 Census: A 50 state guide"

http://www.bradblog.com/?p=7759 Among other things, they they repeat the falsehood that James O'Keefe "posed as a pimp" in ACORN offices. He didn't. He posed as the fake prostitutes law school boyfriend trying to help save her from a pimp...

Why ACORN Fell: The Times, Lies, and Videotape (Written with Peter Dreier)

More NVRA Nonsense
Champaign County Clerk at 10:44 am under Elections
There is a concerted effort to undo one of the key reforms of the Help America Vote Act. I’ve written about it a couple times...

The First Corporate Ad
The first political ads bought by a corporation in Texas appeared in East Texas newspapers just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ended the state's ban

Corporate Campaign Spending: Giving Shareholders A Voice

OpenEAC portal gives the public an opportunity to provide input on EAC's Open Government Initiative with easy access to high-value data sets, Freedom of Information Act information, grant amounts and recipients, federal voting system certification information and more. http://opengov.eac.gov/

Internet Voting Watch

What are the resistance for Internet Voting for Elections?

Canada unprepared for massive cyber-attack: Expert

Canada: Online voting backed by council
Sarnia... City council approved Mayor Mike Bradley's motion Monday asking staff to examine online and mail-in voting for the 2010 municipal election. Bradley said the city would be the largest provincial centre to proceed with the idea if it's approved. But several councillors voiced concerns about the ability to hack or tamper with online systems.

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