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Sarasota officials evade election law. Colombian election hacked. GA E-Voting Oversight

“It's time for elected officials to abide by the law the same way citizens have to abide by the law,” ~ Kindra Muntz, president of Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections. Sarasota FL Election Supervisor Kathy Dent chose not to perform the charter mandated, court upheld, post election audits. Dent said there wasn't enough time (since Feb 11 ruling) for her to hire an auditing team...

Hackers struck the Colombia's legislative elections, disrupting the vote count says the company hired to transmit results of Sunday's voting over the Internet...

Georgia Questioned on E-Voting Problems and Oversight - "The other thing is when former Secretary of State Cathy Cox wanted 54 million dollars to disenfranchise everybody, money was no object. Now when we want to re-enfranchise everybody, they're worried about the cost." ~ Garland Favorito of VoterGA...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CA: Yolo's pilot voting project advances - again
A bill that would bring an all-mail voting pilot project to Yolo County overcame another hurdle Tuesday, passing out of the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee on a 5-0 vote.

CO: Gardner No. 2 for Balink
Whoever believes that misrepresenting the truth doesn't get you anywhere has never met John Gardner.

For more on the incompetence of John Gardner and his "certification" of Colorado voting equipment see
John Gardner's role in helping pick Accenture for the failed SCORE I voter registration database is outlined at
When Gardner left the Colorado Sec. of State office former Chief Information Officer Brian Balay commented on Gardner's abilities

CT: The Risks of Mail-In and No-Excuse Absentee Voting

FL: Officials break election law in Sarasota County, FL

FL: Criticism comes after elections officials fail to run an audit
Sarasota elections officials drew criticism from a local watchdog group Tuesday because they did not run an audit of the school tax referendum, even though a Florida Supreme Court ruling last month required it.

GA: Georgia Questioned on E-Voting Problems and Oversight

GA: After battle, Senate OKs online voter registration (to house next)

ID: Photo ID requirement a step closer to law Voters would need to bring identification to the pollsA plan to require Idaho voters to show a photo ID when they show up to vote is a Senate vote and a governor’s signature away from becoming law.

KS: Parkinson names Biggs secretary of state "...elections need to be open and we need to do everything we can to get people to vote,”

LA: Former Independence Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Causing Deputies to Provide False Voter Registration Information*
According to the factual basis, Maurer caused his deputies to provide false information on their voter registration forms indicating that they lived in the voting district when, in fact, they did not.

MD: ACORN videos were a sham (LTE)

NM: State voting machines secure at private facility
Automated Election Services (AES) is storing a total of 43 state-owned voting machines without charge at its Rio Rancho facility...

NM: SFR Talk: The State of the Secretary
New Mexicans are enjoying yet another ethics scandal involving a powerful elected official.
Among other things, Salazar cited political activities conducted during state business hours, solicitation of donations by contractors and improper handling of voting machines.
The AG is involved. He can only say a certain amount because he’s a prosecutor...

NM: Former SoS employees who backed Salaza were incompetent Herrera says

NY: Fusion Voting in New York, the Working Families Party & Close Elections
The ability to run on separate party lines and have the totals added up is not how its done elsewhere...That's why small minor parties can wheel and deal...

SC: Legislative Happenings — Constituents concerned about school funding, jobs ...It proposes to amend the South Carolina Constitution to guarantee a person’s right to vote by secret ballot where local, state, or federal law requires elections for public office or ballot measures, or requires designations or authorizations for employee representation.

TN: Tennessee Bill Advances, Would Permit “Sore Losers”

TX: What They Aren’t Telling You About The eSlate (Electronic Voting)

UT: Small towns to vote by mail
ST. GEORGE - Residents in Washington County communities with less than 500 registered voters will now conduct elections entirely by mail...

VA: Early voting gets another nay
The U.S. Constitution doesn't stipulate that citizens stand in long lines before they exercise their right to vote, but Virginia lawmakers can't seem to shake the notion that it does.

VT: IRV defenders outspend opponents in Burlington race Fifty Percent Matters, the group that fought unsuccessfully to retain the instant-runoff voting system for choosing a mayor in Burlington, outspent Repeal IRV, $14,033to $9,280.


NYTimes a No-Show on Historic ACORN Court Ruling;

Do electronic voting machines prevent voters from verifying their ballots?

Project Vote is pleased to release a new research memo, Election Legislation 2010: Threats and Opportunities Assessment.

Citizens United -- State Reverberations: Lawsuits, Legislation and Legal Opinions
in the States

"ABC News Exclusive: Study Shows Money Flooding into Campaigns for
State Judgeships"

EAC has a new address effective March 22

Interview with Jessica Amunson, Symposium Panelist and Redistricting Expert

Internet Voting Watch

Hackers attacked Colombian vote count * (votes transmitted over internet) BOGOTA (AFP) Ivan Ribon, spokesman for Arolen, a company hired to transmit results of Sunday's voting over the Internet, told local media Wednesday that hackers struck at the moment polls closed at 2100 GMT.

FCC National Broadband Plan: What It Means For You,2817,2361421,00.asp
The plan also calls on the Department of Defense to conduct an Internet-based pilot that would let military personnel serving overseas vote online

Canada: City committee endorses new voting methods
The on-screen vote is a minor element of city clerk Sandi Seale's proposal to move to an Internet and telephone vote in October.

But it may be the only place left for people who favour traditional voting to place an X beside the name of their favoured candidate.

Norway: Analysis of an internet voting protocol (March 10 pdf file)
The Norwegian government will trial internet voting in the 2011 local government

Setting a Technology Agenda for Overseas Voting
Technology Pilots: Pros and Cons, Blessing or Curse

Cybersecurity Technologies a Government Priority Senator Thomas. L. Carper. “The issue of Cyber Warfare is not science fiction anymore. It’s reality.”

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