Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NM SOS email dump TMI. The Sarasota FL Election Merry Go Round. Manning up on elections

New Mexico SOS Herrera's office may have violated federal law in a recent email dump revealing protected medical records of a former employee (and war veteran). The former employee recently resigned and alleged corruption in the SOS office...The Herald Tribune says "Sarasota County and the state should respect the will of local voters" and enact the charter mandated election audits..."It only took a few minutes for McCollum to file a lawsuit against the healthcare bill...Yet it took four years for McCollum to weigh-in on the rights of voting Americans in Florida, a state plagued by faulty elections."~ Lani Massey Brown...More on the city of Aspen's lawsuit to punish a voting activist who sought release of ballot images made by TrueBallot...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CO: Aspen Daily News poll regarding "recoup" of money from Marilyn Marks
http://bit.ly/9DeYVw As with all such polls this one contains a considerable and dangerous lack of pertinent information.
...the sum also includes direct costs to defend against a law suit which Marks filed to pursue fulfillment of an open records request. The open records request pursued a simple public benefit, namely public access to convenient digital copies of anonymous bal

FL: The election merry-go-round
Sarasota County and the state should respect the will of local voters

FL: Healthcare: Four years to man-up for American voting rights against ES&S, minutes to rally against healthcare for all Americans (OpEd)

FL: Prosecutors examine Riviera Beach ballot applications found in campaigner's apartment http://bit.ly/aTuaMA
RIVIERA BEACH — The state attorney's office is reviewing absentee ballot request forms and computer equipment found in the apartment of a woman who worked closely on campaigns with Mayor Thomas Masters, city officials said today.

FL: Martin County voters will be able to track ballots, registration online
STUART — The Martin County Supervisor of Elections Office has updated its Web site, with a few new pages that eventually will allow county voters to track their vote-by-mail ballots and their voter registration status online

NM: Secretary of state releases un-redacted e-mails
Salazar “specifically asks that his medical conditions relating to his time served in Iraq not be made public.”

NM: Sec. of state releases sensitive information in public documents
...but new details indicate that too much information may have been released including violating a federal medical records law...
Other emails from the secretary of state's office show that a man in charge of protecting the identity of domestic violence victims apparently had been working for the state under a fake name...
...But it turns out, Miller had a restraining order against him.

TX: Webb County will Test New Electronic System to Count Votes (type not mentioned)
Webb County's elections administration will try out a new electronic equipment to count the votes in the upcoming runoff elections on April 13.

TX: You Only Need a Voting Card to Vote in Texas (no additional id required)
http://www.laredosun.us/notas.asp?id=5361 LAREDO, Tx.- In the state of Texas you just need a voting card to be able to vote; and the electoral laws mention that it is not necessary to present any other type of ID when you go out to vote.

Making Voting Systems Open Source Could Forever Change Election Technology
The OSDV's Trust the Vote project is developing an open-source software suite designed to manage elections, from voter registration to the announcement of a winner

"An Uncertain Future for Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act: The Need for a Revised Bailout System"

The mail response rate
As of today, the national mail response rate for the 2010 Census has climbed to 46% from 25% over the last week (visit the map at 2010.census.gov to see...

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