Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7/22 Voting News. New York voting machines roll, Tennessee ballot pleas, Voting Rights in Wisconsin, IRV in news in 2 cities

The Ohio Secretary of State has just certified the new ES&S's optical scanner, the DS200 and it is already heading to Cuyahoga County. The DS200 was just certified by the EAC to the 2002 Voting System Standards, the most current in effect by the EAC.

Voter Action's lawsuit over Arizona's touchscreen machines is back in the news.

Instant Runoff Voting is in the news as one city, Aspen Colorado considers ditching it, and as another, Minneapolis Minnesota prepares for an IRV election that will involve 22 contests.

Some New York counties roll out new optical scan machines under the guise of a "pilot", which is a politically correct way of evading current voting machine standards.

Oregon's gov signs a bill that helps third party voters.
Acorn files a federal suit against Pennsylvania's State Attorney General

AZ. Voter Action Case. Appeals court OKs group's challenge to touch-screen voting
PHOENIX — Critics who contend that touch-screen voting machines are
not reliable will get a chance to make their case in court.
here's the decision:

CO. Aspen voters to vote on how they vote — again
The Aspen City Council on Tuesday agreed to put an advisory question to voters on the fall ballot on whether the IRV election method — a system never tried before in Aspen until this past May — should be scrapped or kept in place.

CO. Instant runoff voting going back to voters
Aspen voters will most likely see a question on this November’s ballot to gauge support of instant runoff voting.
...Aspen’s IRV election also suffered an after-the-fact setback when it was discovered that a glitch in the software used to count the votes resulted in 16 fewer votes going to Mick Ireland than should have.

MN. New instant-runoff voting could factor in 22 Minneapolis races
Candidates filing for office on last day include man who sued over IRV

MN. A colorful political season ahead in Minneapolis
For mayor alone, they'll have to sort through 11 names and creative party labels, including "Is Awesome," "Social Entrepreneurship" and "New Dignity."

NY. New Voting Process Is Easy As 1-2-3
County Board Of Elections Unveils New Machines
Chautauqua County is one of 16 counties - and only two in Western New York - to be using the optical scan paper ballot voting machines as part of a pilot program.

OH. Press release. Secretary Brunner Certifies New voting System for Ohio.
This current level of testing meets the 2002 Voting System Standards which are the most current in effect by the EAC...The upgraded system that includes the new equipment, especially the new DS200 - a precinct optical scan unit...

OH. Cuyahoga County gets 1,200 new digital ballot scanners
Among the advantages of the new gear: A 12-inch LCD screen shows an image of each ballot and points out any voter errors. The old optical scanners notified voters only if their ballots contained too many marks.
Platten said the machines also are easier for poll workers to set up and take down after an election.

OR. Governor Signs Sen. Metsger's Bill Restoring Voting Rights to 430,000 Oregonians
With the implementation of SB 326, a voter now has the ability to participate in the nomination of candidates outside of the two major parties while still retaining their right and ability to vote upon all issues in the primary election.

PA. ACORN challenges law against voter registration quotas
The national community organizing group ACORN today filed a federal lawsuit against the state attorney general and Allegheny County district attorney, claiming that a Pennsylvania statute that prohibits paying workers to collect a certain number of new voter registrations is unconstitutional.

TN. Odom Demands Hargett Purchase New Voting Machines

TN. Editorial: Voter certainty on the line
Voters of all persuasions would benefit from an expeditious transition to paper ballots...Republican, Democratic and independent voters alike, we believe, would be well-served by an expeditious transition to optical scan voting systems.

TN. Letter to Editor. End the delay for the TVCA
..While I do not want to believe that the real motive for delaying implementation is partisan politics, it is a sure thing that more election results will be contested because of our ideological and partisan division. Therefore election officials had better be able to show (both to the candidates and the general public) that election results are indeed accurate and true. Otherwise, confidence in the election process will be irreparably lost.

WV. Supporters, opponents raise issues on satellite early voting
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Supporters and opponents both have raised issues with proposed rules for enacting satellite early voting locations, in public comments filed with the secretary of state's office.
Carper said requiring the satellite locations to maintain the same hours of operation as the courthouse will make the new law too expensive for most counties to implement.

WI. Voting Rights Restoration Finds New Allies in Wisconsin
Last week, Wisconsin State Representative Tamara Grigsby and Senator Lena Taylor introduced the Wisconsin Democracy Restoration Act, a bill that seeks to restore voting rights to over 41,000 Wisconsin citizens who are out of prison, living in the community.

US. Broad Coalition Formed to Promote Benefits and Adoption of Open Source Software in Government
Group includes diverse cross-section of technology industry leaders, associations, non-governmental organizations, communities and academic/research institutions

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