Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009 Voting News. Tenn paper ballot fight heats up,Indiana makes it harder to vote, lawsuit in WA over secret ballot

Tennessee fight brouhau gets wild with one county threatening a lawsuit, state's GOP chair asks Democrats to recraft paper ballot law, and the SOS fights back using state rep's own words, Indiana setsnew Drivers license requirements that will make it even harder to vote there. New York will not have undervote notification on machines. A federal judge ruled that Irving, TX' system of electing City Council members at-large violates the Federal Voting Rights Act. This would make PR (proportional representation) illegal there. A lawsuit was filed in Washington's superior court over violation of ballot secrecy there.

IN. July 15, 2009 Driver's license rule draws critics: Democrats, AARP fear ID verification burdensome - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette [Ind.]
INDIANAPOLIS - A move to make Indiana driver's licenses and IDs more secure will have an effect on more than driving:
It delays a legislative shift toward online renewals and complicates Indiana's strict voter ID law.

NY. July 15, 2009 Most New York Voters Lose Undervote Notification. Howard Stanislevic
The NY State Board of Elections met today and unanimously adopted an emergency regulation to turn off undervote notification on all tabulating ballot scanners. The undervote notification on accessible Ballot Marking Devices will not be affected.

TN. July 14th, 2009 Sullivan eyes lawsuit to delay paper ballot rules.
BLOUNTVILLE — Sullivan County election officials are considering filing a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee to delay a state requirement for optical scan paper ballot voting by November 2010.

TN. July 14, 2005. Davaney Asks Democrats Work To Recraft Voter Confidence Act
Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Davaney said Democrats should work to recraft the Voter Confidence Act.

TN. July 15, 2009 Secretary of State's Office Fires Back at Democrats Over Voting Machine Dispute
"...They say Odom contradicts what he said on the House floor just last month."

TX July 15, 2009 Federal judge orders Irving to adopt single-member districts for city council.
A federal judge has ruled that Irving’s system of electing City Council members at-large violates the Federal Voting Rights Act and ordered that the city not conduct any more council elections until a single-member district system is implemented.

WA.Jul 14, 2009 Lawsuit to Protect Secret Ballot in WA Filed Today in Supreme Court (video available)
A lawsuit filed today in the state Supreme Court against Washington Secretary of State, White v Reed, claims that one million voters in Washington are deprived of the Constitutional right to a secret ballot.

National. 7/15/2009 New York Times Fails to Correct Election Bill Endorsement; But Rep. Holt Does So...Sort of

National. 7/15/2009 A Senate panel approved legislation Wednesday designed to ensure that the votes of U.S. troops and other Americans living overseas are counted in upcoming elections. .... (S 1415) by voice vote in response to evidence that military and other overseas voters are being routinely disenfranchised by rules that too strictly limit their ability to cast absentee ballots.... “If the Department of Defense can get tanks, high-tech equipment and food to the front line of combat, we can figure out a way to deliver an election ballot as well,” Schumer said.

National. July 15, 2009 Advancement Project testifies on standards.... before the House Subcommittee on Elections of the U.S. House of Representatives, recommending the institution of uniform and effective standards governing the use of emergency paper ballots; and uniform and effective standards governing the issuance and counting of provisional ballots.

National and World. JULY 2009 AEI Brookings “When Voters Move” (PDF), Myrna Perez, Brennan Center for Justice (June 2009)
report this week examines the state-level policies concerning voters who move, while the second report provides an overview of voter registration processes in sixteen other democracies around the world.

National and World> July 16, 2008 AEI Brookings Election Reform Newsletter, Issue #56

National. Verified Voting action alert. Urge Congress to Support HR 2894, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act

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