Vote Twice

NY: Remember to vote twice, at least in the 29th Congressional District election
Voters in the 29th Congressional District will cast their ballots twice on Election Day, but not in the way of old-time Chicago-style politics, when people were urged to vote early and often.

Gov. David Paterson recently issued a formal proclamation for the special election in the district to fill the House seat vacant since March following the resignation of Corning Democrat Eric Massa.

"Now that the special election has been called, we will want to remind everybody that we'll have to vote twice on Nov. 2nd -- the general election and the special election," said Tom Reed of Corning, the Republican candidate on the ballot for the district seat.

GA: County to warn 9,000 voters of precinct two-step for SPLOST *
Tue, 09/29/2009 - More than 9,000 Fayette voters will be forced to travel to two different voting precincts in November, at least if they want to vote in their municipal election and also on the countywide SPLOST referendum.
But those voters will get a postcard notice in the mail from the county’s elections department notifying them of the issue. Some on the Fayette County Commission initially balked at the idea several weeks ago because the postcards could be construed as “promoting the SPLOST,” a violation of Georgia law.

 AL: Some Jefferson County voters will have to vote twice
May 26, 2010 5:05 PM EDT

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A word of advice for voters going to the polls next week: some voters will have to vote twice for their candidates and those voting absentee better get busy.

There has been a vacant seat on the Jefferson County Commission ever since William Bell left to become Mayor of Birmingham. The special election to fill his District One seat has 14 candidates vying to finish out Bell's term until November.

"In Commission District One you will get two ballots," Barry Stephenson, Deputy Director Jefferson County Board of Registrar said Wednesday. "You will request either the Democrat or Republican primary, then you will get a separate ballot for the candidates running for the unexpired term in District One."