Friday, February 26, 2010

NYT: The Voters Will Pay. IA Senate blocks election audits. Alberta may test internet voting

The New York Times has an oped on how ES&S's near total domination of the voting systems market in the US will impact voters and taxpayers...The Iowa Senate has halted an election audits bill, House File 682...

Some Canadian municipalities have already adopted internet voting. Now the province of Alberta is considering testing it. Brian Fjeldheim, Alberta’s Chief Electoral Officer says: “Once it has been proven to be effective, that the votes can be certified, all that security stuff can be looked after, I certainly see that as something that’s coming..." But the integrity of an internet election cannot be proven say experts. Technologists
warn that internet voting is not transparent and is inherently insecure...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

IL: Update: Discovery recount finds no change
(Diebold Accuvote-OS & TSX for accessible)
Iroquois County...Discovery recounts allow checking of 25 percent of the precincts to determine if there is any rationale to seek a court-ordered full recount.
Both a machine recount and hand recount of the ballots produced no change...

IL: Bill to move primary advances

IN: INDIANA COUNTY: Software would aid in election preparations
Using $79,829 in state grant money, the county will purchase software from Election Systems & Software, of Omaha, Neb., that will allow technicians in the county's data processing center to do the computer programming for the voting machines used in the local elections.

IA: Iowa Senate Lags; Legislation to Protect the 2010 Vote In Jeopardy
The Senate has halted action on House File 682, which requires a hand count of a random sample of ballots after each general election...

IA: Iowa Voters Action Alert: Help Safeguard the 2010 Elections In Iowa

MN: Bill moving up primary passes House

MS: Miss. felon voting ban upheld
A three judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled Thursday the state of Mississippi can write restrictions on voting into its constitution, including to bar certain felons voting.

OH: Angry voters outraged by election changes COSHOCTON — Former County Commissioner Larry Stahl of Bakersville made an impassioned plea Thursday to the Coshocton County Board of Elections to find out if there is anything he could do to return polling locations and precincts in the county to where they were.

TN: Herron approves e-mail ballot for soldiers (unvoted ballot only)
The bill (SB2681) allows Tennessean members of the armed forces to receive ballots via e-mail.
The soldiers votes would be cast with the same processes and security measures that currently apply.

VA: Va. House panel votes to make voter records private A House of Delegates subcommittee voted 5-1 to close off all access to voter history lists.
... the lists should either be made available to everyone or no one.

VA: Virginia Bill on Who can See List of who Voted Hits a Snag

VT: Burlington IRV fundraising under attack ...Repeal IRV also said the group supporting IRV, 50% Matters, while claiming to be a “grass-roots” organization, was instead “acting like a money pipeline for huge out of town contributions.”

VT: My Turn: Instant runoff good for democracy
OpEd by former Governor Howard Dean


The Voters Will Pay
It was bad news for the voting public when Election Systems and Software, the nation’s largest voting machine company, announced last fall that it was acquiring the elections division of Diebold, the nation’s second-largest voting machine company.

Canada: Alberta may test Internet voting
Bill 7 accepts 92 recommendations

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