Thursday, February 25, 2010

Iowa needs post-election audits. Internet voting spreads in Canada local elections, Closing in on the Google hackers

Maryland might not have enough money to conduct the November election?.....Upshur Co TX will pay $30K to Hart InterCivic program machines, print ballots and tally results for the March 2 primaries. The county clerk would have charged $2K...
Wisconsin U state senate rejects internet voting, cites i-vote fiasco in 2008...

Sean Flaherty asks fellow Iowans, and especially Polk County folks to help protect the 2010 elections by asking lawmakers to pass House Bill 682 to require post election audits...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CA: Editorial: Privately run election questionable
... the idea of a private firm reporting to City Hall, and being assisted by City Hall, in conducting a city election sounds a bit cozy

CO: Plaintiff's Surreply regarding Defendant's Motion to protect TrueBallot from deposition - Marks v. Koch (Aspen Election Transparency Suit)

CT: Republicans hire attorney to challenge Bysiewicz's lawsuit

CT: Garcia: Small Fundraisers to Qualify For The Citizens Election Program

FL: Florida Voters, Submit Your Ballot Request NOW for the April 13, 2010 Special Election!

IA: Iowa Needs a Post-Election Audit
Iowans, and especially Polk County folks, please take some time out of your busy day to protect the 2010 elections...

KY: Election official says she was told to steal votes

MD: State falls short on paying for fall election
The state probably doesn't have enough money in its proposed budget to conduct November's election...

MO: What’s in the Missouri campaign finance bill?
The bill would ban most committee-to-committee transfers of campaign donations, an attempt to reduce the “money laundering” that lawmakers have alleged goes on.

PA: Tell The Inquirer: Election Problems Go Deeper Than One Precinct

PA: The Point: Indefensible
Chesco's '08 polling-place maneuver was a disgrace.
Some of the 1,440 who voted there that day waited for seven to eight hours in the rain, queuing up close enough to working railroad tracks to reach out and touch passing freight cars.

TX: Communication gaps blamed for Upshur ballot miscue
Contracting with Austin firm delays ballots

TX: Upshur County gets ballots in under the wire

WA: Suspending initiatives? Controversial but common

WA: Initiatives and lawmakers, part deux
For all the talk about big changes for Washington’s much-used, much-maligned initiative process, not a single initiative crackdown is passing this legislative session.

WI: Student Senate nixes online voting
Student Senate voted down a resolution Monday attempting to conduct the 2010 Student Body Elections online instead of paper ballot form.

VA: UBE technical glitch extends voting time (online voting)
University of Virginia. The University Board of Elections experienced technical difficulties during the first hour of student-elections voting at 8 a.m. yesterday ...certain offices were missing from the ballot. After first attempting to resolve the issue itself, the UBE consulted Information Technology & Communication, which identified the problem as a wide-spread glitch rather than an isolated incident.

VT: So troops' votes count - by Deborah Markowitz is Vermont secretary of state and a Democratic candidate for governor
Gov. Douglas ...suggests that we should instead implement Internet voting or accept ballots for at least two weeks after the election. But neither of these solutions will work.


State Compliance with the MOVE Act has this report on state lawmakers' and election administrators' efforts to comply with the the federal Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, including its requirement that they provide for electronic transmission of registration and ballot requests

"Election Lawyers Divided Over Prospects for Legislative Response to Citizens United"

EAC issued election administration information this week to state and local election officials on five topics: canvassing and certifying an election, conducting a recount, administering provisional ballots, building community partnerships, and communicating with the public.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Overrule CU


Closing in on the Google hackers

Canada: Alberta to grant prisoners the right to vote
Alberta will give prisoners in provincial jails the right to vote as part of sweeping changes to its Elections Act.

Canada: Whitewater council will decide on alternate voting for 2010 election
WHITEWATER REGION -The finance and administration committee will recommend council adopt the alternate voting process for the 2010 municipal election.

By allowing taxpayers of Whitewater Region to vote by telephone and Internet...

Philippines: More than half of voting machines pass tests, Comelec says
...About 60,000 of the 82,200 Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines “are working," Comelec Chairman Jose Melo told reporters on Thursday.

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