Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NJ Star Ledger:Verify our votes and stop delay, NM not enough funds to conduct 2010 elections, CA group: ditch e-voting

At today's public hearing about the future of voting in California, when the issue of new voting machines was brought up, some citizens urged the officials to get rid of electronic voting, period. Tom Courbat with the Sacremento group “Save Our Vote” said: “We’re not convinced there is enough security in these voting systems to justify continuing to purchase them. We have seen demonstrations over and over again of machines being hacked...”

UKRAINE orange revolution reversed? RUSSIA Tymoshenko accuses winner Yanukovich of election fraud...

All this and more in today's voting news below....

CA: California's Electronic Voting Booths Need An Upgrade But It Won't Be Cheap
...At a public hearing on the issue in Sacramento, some citizens urged the officials to get rid of electronic voting, period.

CA: Monday update: Morales indicted for voter fraud
February 08, 2010 ...The Napa County district attorney’s office alleges that Morales voted twice in the Nov. 3 mail-in election

CO: Questions Mailed to Aspen Special Counsel Jim True

CT: Democracy Too Costly for Seymour?
February 9, 2010 ...With both Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Sen. Christopher Dodd stepping down, voting registrars in town expect to hold primaries for both major political parties this year.

That means more money in the budget that hasn’t much to begin with

ID: Bill Would Require Idaho Voter ID

IN: Review of Vote Centers Study by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs

IL: Election Code Growing
Champaign County Clerk Just received my new annotated election code from Westlaw. It’s now grown to three volumes from two.

IL: Lawmakers head back to Springfield with a list of problems
...Rep. Jim Watson, R-Jacksonville, is the chief sponsor of House Bill 4687, which would undo a state law that requires voters to be alerted if they cast an undervote.

KS:Kansas secretary of state resigns

MO: Annual Missouri Voter ID back as constitutional amendment

NH: New Hampshire Hearing Seems Favorable to Ballot Access Reform Bill
February 9th, 2010 On February 9, the New Hampshire House Election Law Committee held another hearing on HB 1264

NJ: N.J. voting machines: Verify our votes and stop delaying paper backup
By Star-Ledger Editorial Board
February 08, 2010..."New Jersey had the gold standard of statutes" when it passed the 2005 law, says Rutgers-Newark Law School professor Penny Venetis, "but at this point, the vast majority of people in the country vote on machines that produce paper and New Jersey is lagging."

NM: Sec of State: Not enough money for 2010 elections

NM: New Mexico Secretary of State Tells Legislature She Has Insufficient Funds to Hold 2010 Elections
February 9th, 2010 The New Mexico Independent newspaper of February 9 has this story, which says that New Mexico’s Secretary of State Mary Herrera has told the legislature that her budget is over $1,000,000 short of having enough money to pay for the 2010 primary and general elections

NY: New York: Four Legislative Specials
Today, we have four special elections for the New York Assembly.

OH: Checks of voter records coming
Brunner wants notices sent if registration info conflicts with file data

VT: Vermont Bill for Disaggregated Fusion

WA: Election day: Still time to replace a ballot
...For anyone who has lost his or her ballot, King County has several last-minute options, including sending a replacement by email. Someone receiving an email ballot could then print it out, vote and sign the oath.


Citizens United, foreign nationals, and the China Investment Corp.’s “vast U.S. holdings”

Why the “Christmas Day Intelligence Failure” might be of interest to election scholars and administrators
the important lesson for election administrators and scholars at this moment in time is that as we begin to design systems for database matching using state voter registration data, we ought to make sure that they are being designed to have the very intelligent properties that Jeff discusses in his essay.


Costa Rica: Female Leader Elected
February 8, 2010 MEXICO CITY — Costa Ricans elected a former vice president, Laura Chinchilla, as the country’s first female president, giving the ruling party a resounding victory.

Iraqi Elections in Turmoil – A Synopsis
In mid-January, a largely unknown body called the Justice and Accountability Commission (Hayat Al-Masaa Wal-'Adala, or the de-Ba'thification Commission in its earlier incarnation), issued an order disqualifying 511 candidates from participating in the Iraqi general election, slated for March 7, 2010, on grounds of membership in, or sympathy to, the dissolved Ba'th Party which ruled Iraq for 35 years.

Nigeria: Glitches emerge in closely-watched Nigerian state poll
February 8, 2010 AWKA/ONITSHA, Nigeria (Reuters) – Polls opened late and voters complained they were not on electoral lists on Saturday in a Nigerian state election seen as a test of the country’s ability to hold credible national polls next year.

UK: Brown under fire over plans to reform the voting system and win over the Lib Dems
Gordon Brown is facing a Labour backlash over his 'deathbed conversion' to plans to ditch the first-past-the-post voting system.

UK: Vote to retain election night drama
At the eleventh hour ministers supported a cross-party call to force returning officers to start counting votes within four hours of polling stations closing.

RUSSIA Tymoshenko accuses winner Yanukovich of election fraud

Tymoshenko to challenge Ukraine election result

Ukraine’s Voters Speak, in Two Voices
Ukraine’s presidential election on Sunday seems to have reversed the results of the country’s Orange Revolution...

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