Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AK election review under way; MN lawmaker extolls e-pollbooks

AK: APNewsBreak: Election review could be done soon: AP Alaska |

An internal review of the 2010 election that left Alaska's historic U.S. Senate race in limbo for nearly two months should be mostly completed within 45 days, Alaska Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell said Tuesday. Read More

CO: Ranked Voting Method Request for Written Comments

The Colorado Secretary of State is developing a report that will be provided to the 2011 Colorado General Assembly on issues relating to conducting elections using ranked voting methods. We want to thank you again for submitting your comments and information regarding ranked voting. We have posted copies of your submissions online at the Secretary of State website. Read More

CT: CO Chain-of-Custody: Rest assured, we would never see this in Connecticut |

We have no law or chain-of-custody requirement similar to the video requirement in Colorado. We have no standards for the facilities where ballots are stored. In most Connecticut municipalities it is easy for one official, to obtain and use a single key, to access ballots alone, undetected, for hours at a time. Ballots are stored in hallways, schools, closets, under desks, and abandoned classrooms. Read More

IL: The BRAD BLOG : Memo to Rahm: 'Appear On the Ballot' May be Somewhat Misleading in Chicago

Over the years, we've covered specific failures of the very same Sequoia e-voting systems that are used in Chicago and elsewhere across the country, as well as the remarkable duplicity of the company's top officials. So it seems like this would be a good moment to remind folks of the most disturbing Sequoia/Chicago related incidents. Read More

IL: Emanuel Ballot Appeal to Be Heard by Illinois Supreme Court - Businessweek

Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, won an expedited review by the Illinois Supreme Court of his disqualification from Chicago’s Feb. 22 mayoral election. Read More

MA: Pittsfield to redraw voting precincts - Berkshire Eagle Online

City officials have begun the process of "re-precincting," which requires Massachusetts communities with 6,200 or more inhabitants to ensure each precinct has nearly an equal number of residents based on the 2010 federal census. Read More

MN: GOP offers major overhaul to Minnesota’s voting system | Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media.

Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer of Big Lake and Sen. Warren Limmer of Maple Grove unveiled the Republican plan to overhaul the state’s voting system at a press conference on Wednesday. Among the proposed changes are the elimination of vouching, implementation of a photo identification system, a ban on health care workers assisting voters in the booth, and massive changes to the recount process. Most of the changes reflect complaints by the conservative group Minnesota Majority, which Kiffmeyer ran several years ago. Read More

MN: Kiffmeyer presents voting reform legislation | Hometown Source

Kiffmeyer, as Republicans have for years, wants voting in Minnesota to require a Photo ID.

But Kiffmeyer is also proposing the use of a so-called “electronic roster” system, an approach that could allow voters to merely swipe their driver’s license or state identify cards, sign and vote. Read More

MN: GOP ramps up push for photo ID at Minn. polls | The Austin Daily Herald

Republican legislators pushed ahead Wednesday with their effort to make voters present photo identification at the polls, hoping to use their new political muscle to achieve a long-held election law goal. Read More

MN: Power Line - Moving Against Voter Fraud

It is unclear why any legitimate voters would be "blocked out," since the state will make identification available for free to anyone who does not have a driver's license or other form of identification. Read More

NY: Hand count votes to reduce errors - Times Union

Columbia County voters have no question about who won last Nov. 3 because, before the election, we commissioners agreed that we would hand count every ballot. Several recent elections have proven tight, with deciding margins of less than 1 percent. Read More

SC: SC lawmakers discussing voter ID requirements | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC

South Carolina House Republicans on Wednesday pushed through a measure requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, as Democrats blasted them for spending money on what they called voter suppression while the state faces a deficit. Read More

TN: GOP wants 2 Republican members of Election Commission out on The Murfreesboro Post

The Rutherford County Republican Party Executive Committee voted Tuesday night asking two Republican members of the Election Commission and the newly appointed administrator of elections to resign thier posts. Read More

TX: Handgun licenses added to voter ID bill | Postcards

By a 30-0 vote, senators just added wording adding a state photo ID handgun license to a driver’s license, passport and military ID to the types of cards that can be used to verify identity before voters can cast their ballots. Read More

TX: Texas lawmakers plow through amendments to voter ID bill | Texas Legislature | News from...

State senators on Wednesday began working their way through three dozen amendments on a controversial voter identification bill that opponents acknowledged that they had little hope of stopping. Read More

TX: Voter ID amendments disclosed | Postcards

As the Texas Senate gets ready to decide whether to debate final passage of the controversial, GOP-supported voter ID bill, either this afternoon or late tonight, the first detail about 26 possible amendments is just coming out. Read More

WI: Is the proof in the picture? | Hudson Star-Observer | Hudson, Wisconsin

Proposed legislation to require citizens to show photo identification each time they vote is either a good idea or a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, say local poll workers. Read More

WI: State elections chief urges changes to ID voting proposal - JSOnline

The state's chief election officer recommended key changes Wednesday to a bill that would require voters to show photo ID at the polls, including allowing student IDs and passports to be used for voting. Read More

WI: Hearing on ID bill held by State Senate Transportation Committee | Pierce County Herald | Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Wisconsinites will have their say today on a bill to make them show photo ID’s in order to vote. Read More

WI: GOP-backed photo ID requirement draws criticism

Wisconsin lawmakers were urged Wednesday to change a proposal requiring voters show photo identification before casting ballots to ensure legitimate voters aren't turned away, strengthen the law's constitutionality and reduce implementation costs. Read More

Internet Voting Watch

Europe’s security reinforced by Europe-U.S. cooperation

The secretary of state said that she is grateful that Estonia is a dependable, creative and close ally of the United States. “In the 20 years since Estonia’s independence, the country has become a successful model for others, with its Internet voting, cyber innovations, commitment to good governance, the rule of law, and fiscal responsibility,” said Clinton. Read More

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