Thursday, May 6, 2010

Web attack stumps Butler OH BoE. Voter ID in MO, SC? Florida in Britain?

After the attack on Butler County Ohio's Elections website, the director of info services will check the county's web servers & sites to determine if they are secure. Meanwhile the Sheriff is investigating...Paperless touchscreen machines once were "the wave of the future" until they were tied to lost votes, switched votes, inexplicable & massive undervotes & contested elections. Now 30 Canadian municipalities will try the latest "wave of the future", internet voting... Aspen's May 5 2009 election in news again -new criminal & civil complaints.....Will there be a winner in the UK election?...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

CA: Software glitch delays results of parcel tax election *
"We had problem with the software program kicking us out after every provisional ballot," Santa Cruz County Clerk Gail Pellerin said.

CO: Marks files election complaint with DA
City hires criminal defense attorney
Marks’ complaint, filed last week in Glenwood Springs, alleges that the city violated election law by not properly testing and certifying election software, she said. The complaint also alleges the city violated election law by leaving a key in the ballot box, which unlocked an override panel, she said.

The complaint also raises a number of issues with True Ballot, a Connecticut firm the city hired to tabulate the election, she said.

CO: Commission mulls allegation that IRV data compromises Aspen voter privacy
Commission members Bob Leatherman and Ward Hauenstein took up a complaint from Aspen resident Millard Zimet, who alleged he could figure out how some citizens voted by extrapolating data released by the city after the May 2009 election...

ID: Sen. sues county for not updating voter rolls
COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho (AP) - A state senator from northern Idaho is suing the clerk of Kootenai County for failing to update records he says would have made his challenger ineligible to vote or run for office.

MO: Voter ID, early voting bill nears debate in Senate

NC: Robeson County legislator alleges fraud in loss (alleges vote buying)
"People were picking people up off the street and paying them to vote," Sutton said. "It's obvious it was happening, not just in Robeson County, but everywhere. ...

"The system allows you to take a car, drive through the projects to pick people off the streets and just register and vote them. The system allows that, and therefore it's a bad system."

NC: Provisional ballots leave uncertainties (Scotland County)
Parker said issues included people who may have registered to vote at another agency – such as the Department of Social Services or the Department of Motor Vehicles – but who were not in the election system. Others may be people who went to the wrong precinct, had some issue with their voter registration or wanted to vote in the primary for one party but has a different party affiliation on their registration.

NJ: Seven charged with voter fraud (Nov 2009 election)
All seven were registered to vote in Park Ridge at the time of the election, although the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office (BCPO) investigation determined that they were not "domiciled" there.

OH: Various problems caused election-night headaches * (Clinton County)
A shortage of Republican ballots and a clogged ballot box caused a series of headaches for board of election workers on Tuesday, as they fanned out around the county to assist poll workers during the primary election on May 4, officials said.

OH: Sheriff’s office to investigate election website mishap Sullivan explained something was trying to access the agency’s website and download results two to three times per second, which overloaded servers and created temporary havoc for IT employees staffed at the elections office Tuesday.

OH: Digital elections attack in sheriff's hands *
HAMILTON - A digital attack that swamped and crashed the Butler County Board of Elections web site Tuesday night as ballots were being tabulated is now the subject of a criminal investigation
The police investigation could take three months or more, sheriff's Lt. Mike Craft said.

OH: Butler Co. stumped by Web attack (interesting comments posted online to article)
Butler County officials have narrowed down the Internet address that sent a barrage of traffic to the board of elections Web site, paralyzing the public’s ability to see election results on Tuesday
“We don’t know that somebody was intentionally trying to disrupt our service,” Sullivan said.
“We were receiving as many as 95,000 requests in 20 to 25 minutes,” he said.

OR: Election turnout in Multnomah County, Voters' Pamphlet mailing complaints
Walt Nichols, a candidate for Portland City Commission, called Monday to say he still hadn’t receive his Voters’ Pamphlet — and neither had some neighbors in his 97206 zip code.

SC: House GOP pushes through voter-ID bill (goes back to senate next)

SC: South Carolina Anti-Fusion Bill Advances

SD: Federal Court Backs Voting Rights Suit Dismissal
SIOUX FALLS (AP) — A federal appeals court Wednesday affirmed a judge’s decision five years ago to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the makeup of City Council districts in Martin violates the voting rights of American Indians.

WA: Kitsap County Ready to Send Ballots Overseas Through Cyberspace
An effort by Secretary of State Sam Reed to allow overseas voters to return their ballots by fax or e-mail failed to be enacted into law.

WV: Lincoln senator claims ballot fraud, vote buying


Census computer glitch could jeopardize count

Internet Voting Watch

Canada: Renfrew appears poised to adopt electronic ballot Intelivote will be running electronic voting in about 30 Ontario municipalities for the Oct. 25, 2010 election.


UK: Florida in Britain?

A Hung Parliament Means Showtime for the Queen It's Election Day in the United Kingdom. For the first time in living memory, it's a three-way race, which has potentially tremendous implications for the future of the U.K.'s election system, for the fate of its two-party system, and, yes, for Royal Watchers.

UK: Galloway to name those involved in voter fraud


UK: Voter Registration Surge Adds to UK Election Unpredictability

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