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Double voting in Hoke NC? TX Voter ID again? Elections automation, a lemon?

NC looks into possible double voting in Hoke Co..good thing Bullitt Co KY has paper ballots since 4 memory cards went missing...Some candidates for Avon, Indiana Town Council will be doing a forensic review of election. They are asking to review poll books, voting machine reports, paper ballots and ballot applications for absentee and early voting..CEIMN Dir. MARK HALVORSON has some straight talk about Minnesota Elections..Hefty sum to rig India's EVM's?...Philippines Elections automation, a lemon?

All this and more in today's voting news below...

AL: Some Jefferson County voters will have to vote twice

CA: Prop. 15 would test government funding of California state elections

CA: California Puts Vote Overhaul on the Ballot (Proposition 14)
On June 8, voters will decide the fate of a ballot measure that would replace traditional primaries in state and Congressional elections with, effectively, two rounds of voting.

CA: Ballot flub costs overtime hours (vendor to foot bill)
San Francisco. City workers are logging overtime hours in the run-up to the June 8 election to correct a ballot problem where hundreds of absentee voters got the wrong one in the mail.

CA: Vote for whimsy (get ready for June 8 statewide primary election ) Some spoof political signs have popped up among the crop of real ones at the corner of Jefferson Street and Imola Avenue, supporting free pizza for all Napans and a zombie for political office.

When informed, Tuteur communicated to me that St. Helenans who vote by mail must pay the (unclear) postage themselves. In other areas of Napa, where mail balloting is mandatory and unavoidable, Tuteur’s office pays the postage.

CO: Status of Aspen’s IRV Method—--Up for Potential Repeal in November Election after November 09 Advisory Vote to Discontinue IRV.

FL: Supervisor introduces new voting machines ...St. Johns County to attend an Open House on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 to preview St. Johns County’s new DS200 voting equipment

IL: Campus voting bill clears Senate committee; closer to final passage(full sen nxt) .html the most controversial deals with its requirement that 12 separate counties, including Champaign, Coles and McLean counties in East Central Illinois, establish separate early voting and grace period registration sites on campuses for the Nov. 2 general election only.

IN: Court to review Avon council cote *
After close council races, court will look at possible polling place errors
The filing came after his clients heard from voters who live within the town that the Town Council election wasn't on their ballots..
Yackey's petition filed in Hendricks Circuit Court requests that election records, including poll books, voting machine reports, paper ballots and ballot applications for absentee and early voting, be opened for review and inspection.

KY: Election night in Bullitt County goes off without a glitch - almost
the clerk's office noticed that four out of 100 memory cards with voting data on them were missing, he said. The employees soon found three out of the four cards in clerks' bags and voting machines.
During this time, though, they realized the memory card was from another precinct that reported to Bullitt Central. They found that machine, which was in the clerk's office, and the memory card was still sealed within the machine.

Minnesota has safeguards in place that protect against voter fraud, yet do not discourage voter participation though the creation of unnecessary barriers for legitimate voters.

NC: State looking into possible voter fraud in Hoke County* machines showed two people voted twice during the May primary elections.

Shook said one of the people voted once during early voting and again on election day. Another voter appeared to have voted in two different precincts on election day.

Judy Pittman, an investigator with the State Board of Elections, said multiple voting is reported often, but it usually turns out to be a mistake rather than true fraud.

NJ: LA PARKER: One Willie vote could launch political career

NV: In Nevada, squawks over chicken costumes at polls
CARSON CITY, Nev. — A ban on chicken costumes outside polling sites in Nevada, where they have become akin to politicking against a GOP Senate candidate, doesn't infringe on free speech, the state's top election official said Wednesday.

NY: Judge considers forcing Gov. Paterson to fill congressional seat sooner
Syracuse, NY - A federal judge in Rochester is now considering whether to compel Gov. David Paterson to order an early special election to fill the seat of former U.S. Rep. Eric Massa.

LA: Voter registration available online
Secretary of State Jay Dardenne is urging adults not registered to vote to register online at or at their parish registrar of voters’ office.

MD: Prison-based gerrymandering- “Maryland Bill” Podcast Episode #2
“one significant contribution to the problem was that sitting in the middle of this majority-minority district was one of the state’s large prisons”
“So we had really a majority-minority district in name only.”

NC: Pamlico begins clearing voter list of dead, relocated residents

NY: End of an era Nassau County Board of Elections workers on Thursday loading up old lever-action voting machines that are being put in storage to make room for new electronic voting machines

SC: South Carolina Senate Wages War Against Independent Candidates

SD: Settlement In SD Voting Rights Lawsuit
They said they were illegally removed from the voter registration list after being convicted of a felony and given probation but no prison time.

TX: TribBlog: The Return of Voter ID
State Rep. Debbie Riddle, R-Tomball, with state Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland on the Texas House floor.

Remember that long, heated voter identification debate last session? State Rep. Debbie Riddle is working on a sequel.

The Houston Republican announced today that she will, once again, file "ballot security legislation that would require Texas voters to show a photo ID or two forms of non-photo ID at a polling place" next session.

UT: Cost-cutting move reduces Davis County polling sites from 69 to 26

WV: Feds Issue Subpoenas in Lincoln County
The Lincoln Journal is reporting that several Lincoln County election officials have received federal subpoenas.
Those subpoenas go back to a federal investigation into alleged voter fraud in the county during the Primary Election.

Internet voting watch

Benefits, risks of e-mail ballots weighed
CORRECTION: This story has been corrected to say that the Federal Voting Assistance Program system will allow overseas voters from participating states to request and mark their ballot online, but voters then must print the ballot out, sign it and mail it back. The original version of this story contained erroneously said one proposal would allow voters to cast their vote online without sending the ballot as an e-mail attachment.


Protect Our Elections Officially Launched
Today we officially launched this campaign. Please spread the word. We cannot afford another election that denies millions of citizens their right to vote. Please take a few moments to sign the petition so Congress knows that you want these election protection measures passed this year. We need your help and your support.

Microsoft Teams With Democracy Live to Assist Military Voters Secure Easier Access to Ballot ...Finney went on to say that LiveBallot is not Internet voting, but simply delivering voter information, including a voter's specific ballot. Voters still must print and mail their ballot back in,

DISCLOSE Act handicapping
The Hill takes a look at where votes may line up for the DISCLOSE Act.


India: EVM ‘FIXERS’ DEMAND HEFTY SUMS (Part 1) tampering of electronic voting machines merely a theoretical proposition (as Prof Indiresan, ECI’s expert committee chairman would have you believe) or is there any ground level evidence of tampering?

Philippines: Elections automation, a lemon? Since election day, we have been swamped with an avalanche of complaints and reports of anomalies and electronic fraud -- some backed up by hard evidence, others sounding like red herrings

Philippines: Whistlerblower 'Koala Boy' casts doubt on Philippines election results

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