Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Voting software makes dagdag-bawas easy, WA SOS certifies R71, Why Citizens United matters pt 2 to have live web chat on landmark campaign finance case "Citizens United vs FEC" on Thurs. Public Citizen youtubes the issue in "Don't get rolled."
Wired News finds 2 members of Fed committee (TGDC) that sets standards for voting vendors have conflicts of interests. Statewide voter rolls vs local voter rolls: an Alabama city may appeal judges ruling that says city must use SOS voter list not the local voter list. CT Registrars say optical scanners provide opportunity for savings. Minneapolis voters will not have a primary but instead have IRV and make choices in one election. Washington's SOS Reed certifies R-71 to fall ballot and King Co Judge Julie Spector will not overturn that. Warning to Philippines Election Commission: voting software makes dagdag-bawas (wholesale cheating)easy...Germany's constitution prohibits e-voting and we have the document in English to prove it.

AL. Evergreen city attorney advises appeal of judge's ruling in mayoral election challenge September 02, 2009 EVERGREEN — City attorney Terry Davis recommended the city appeal part of a judge's decision in the ongoing challenge of last October's mayoral vote, a move one councilman called "bull crap."..."It said that instead of using the voting list we have used and the process we have used for a number of years, we should have been using the secretary of state's voter list,"

AR. Pope County upgrades early-voting system ahead of school board elections
Sept. 2, 2009 County clerk says new system ‘will be faster and more efficient’
With school board elections on the horizon, the Pope County Election Commission is anticipating a test run of a new system intended to expedite the early-voting process. Through the iPower Profile program provided by Election Systems & Software...

CA. Voting extended for CA elections, delaying results
... The governor issued an executive order that will allow emergency workers to cast votes from their command centers until 10 p.m. Tuesday, two hours after the close of polls. ..Of the 125,000 vote-by-mail ballots sent by Contra Costa voting officials, a little more than 56,000 have been returned, Weir said. Of those mailed in, about 3,000 ballots were turned in Tuesday morning.

CA. Special election will decide California House seat

CT. Registrars Say, Optical Scanners Provide Opportunity for Savings
September 2, 2009 Glastonbury, CT will save by consolidating polling places

IN. Funds Compromise for Early Voting Centers
Wednesday, Sep 2, 2009 ... early voting centers in Vanderburgh County are safe for the 2010 election, or at least most of them are...Early voting centers will either be eliminated or scaled back for the primary but there should be five centers at libraries for the general election

MN. No primary in Minneapolis as Ranked Choice Voting debuts
September 01. In this year’s municipal elections in Minneapolis, nobody is working to turn out voters for a September primary election: there will be no primary election.
Instead, voters will go to the polls just once this fall — Election Day, Tuesday, November 3 — and that day they will be asked to vote not just for the candidate of their choice, but to rank their first choice, second choice and third choice.

MS. Petitions aside, GOP killed Voter ID during 2009 session
September 2, 2009 ...What's curious about the GOP full court press in support of a Voter ID ballot initiative is the fact that back in March, House Republicans accused Senate Republicans of gutting a Voter ID compromise bill they supported.

WA. Reed certifies R-71 to fall ballot
September 2nd, 2009 Secretary of State Sam Reed has certified Referendum 71 to the Nov. 3 statewide ballot in Washington state. Barring a successful 11th-hour court challenge, voters will decide the fate of a newly adopted state law that gives state-registered domestic partners the full array of rights and responsibilities that married couples have...Reed signed paperwork certifying that sponsors had submitted the requisite number of valid Washington voter signatures to secure a ballot spot.

WA. Judge won't block certification of referendum on domestic-partnership law
A King County judge has decided not to block the certification of Referendum 71 for the November ballot. King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector made the ruling this morning in response to a lawsuit filed last week by Washington Families Standing Together, a group supporting the state's recent law giving gay couples greater domestic-partnership benefits.

US. to Conduct Live Web Chat on Landmark Campaign Finance Case
At noon Thursday, September 3, the Center for Responsive Politics will conduct a live Web chat about an upcoming Supreme Court case with potentially major ramifications on federal campaign finance law.

US. Don't Get Rolled (or Why Citizens United vs FEC matters part 2. Only 1 min 7 sec)
Are you fired up yet? Check out this video we made to learn what could happen if the Supreme Court decides to allow unlimited corporate money in politics.

US. Voting Tech Experts Sought by Feds to Develop Standards

Wired news reports conflicts of interest
September 2, 2009 ...Despite the requirements that committee members submit financial statements to uncover conflicts of interest, at least some of the committee members have been appointed despite known conflicts of interest with voting machine makers. Linda Lamone, for example...

Germany. E-voting is unconstitutional.

The German Constitutional Court English version of their March 3rd 2009 ruling with regard to electronic voting. (E-voting not constitutional)
"all essential steps in the elections are subject to public examinability..."

Phillippines. Automated dagdag-bawas
"Having the software source code doesn’t guarantee that you will detect critical software bugs or malicious code.." (quoting Dr. Barbara Simons) ....Chairman Jose Melo of our own Commission on Elections and members of the Comelec Board and its Advisory Committee had better pay attention to what the experts are saying about the technology they want to adopt to automate Philippine elections.. "Trojan horse" software, as technology experts have pointed out, makes automated wholesale cheating (dagdag-bawas) easy to execute and easy to conceal"

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