Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Internet Voting for Australia and Oshawa Ontario? E-voting for London? ACORN probed, ACORN sues

Internet Voting Whack-A-Mole continues: Australia considers internet voting. Oshawa Ontario politicians want internet voting but will put it off until 2014.
London plans to use electronic voting in 2012.
The Justice Dept is probing ACORN and meanwhile ACORN is suing the film producers who secretly recorded embarrassing videos.
Is New York ready for voting machines yet? A local paper issues a call for more robust auditing, more stringent protocols. The paper also urges that "undervote" reporting function on the voting machines be turned on, so that voters will be warned if they leave a contest unvoted.

Data, Modernization, and Reform..."the practical concerns of election officials seem to get minimal hearing as policy makers proceed." Mark Shelden, Champaign County Clerk
Early voting promo: The Hammer and the Wild Thing.
Video: "Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President"

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CA. Instant runoff voting debate leads to council meltdown

FL. Lawsuit Over Florida Green Party Mystery Candidates Enters New Phase
September 23rd, 2009

MN. Mathematics expert: IRV not the answer
Minnesota Public Radio September 23, 2009
St. Paul, Minn. — A mathematician who's spent years analyzing voting systems told a Minneapolis audience Tuesday that instant runoff voting is not the answer.

NC. Reidsville has unique election cycle
September 22, 2009
WENTWORTH — The city of Reidsville is in a class all its own when it comes to elections. The city votes for its mayor and council in October rather than in November, and that usually means confusion for its residents, said Tina Cardwell, deputy director of the Rockingham County Board of Elections.

NY. State and city unready for voting machine headaches
September 22nd 2009...the state Board of Elections has to listen to auditing experts now, and develop protocols that guarantee votes were counted properly. So far, the board's proposals fall far short of that goal.
The state board should also be faulted for directing counties to turn off a feature that would alert voters if they missed or "undervoted" a ballot.

OH. Ohio SOS Brunner rules State Sen. Husted is not a resident of his elected district
September 22,Ohio Secretary of State (SOS) Jennifer Brunner, broke a tie vote by the Montgomery County Board of Elections (MCBOE) by ruling that State Sen. Jon Husted of not a resident for purposes of voting of his district..According to Brunner's research, Husted's wife has been a registered voter in Franklin County and has voted there starting with the general election of 2002.

SC. Voting fraud case ends
September 23, 2009

United States

"Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President"

Data, Modernization, and Reform
Champaign County Clerk
...At the same time, the practical concerns of election officials seem to get minimal hearing as policy makers proceed.

ACORN Shutting Down Tax Clinics, Vows to Continue Voter-Registration Efforts

ACORN sues filmmakers
September 23rd
WASHINGTON (CNN) — ACORN filed suit Wednesday in Baltimore, Maryland, against two filmmakers who secretly recorded videos embarrassing to the agency, claiming the pair violated state law by recording their conversations without permission of the employees involved...O'Keefe and Giles also attempted to capture similar videos at ACORN offices in other cities but failed.

Justice starts ACORN probe
The Justice Department’s inspector general plans to review whether ACORN received any DOJ grants — and if they did, exactly how they were used.
The move comes in response to an inquiry from Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee

Election Updates - The Hammer and the Wild Thing
The Hammer and the Wild Thing.

AEI newsletter Voter ID Laws and Indiana, Electoral Laws and Turnout: 1972-2008 and
Internet Voting


Australia. Online voting could be on the cards
Sep 23 2009 The age of the internet election may soon be upon voters, with the Rudd government looking at ways to bring the electoral process into the 21st century.
In its second green paper on electoral reform, released Wednesday, the government canvasses a range of issues affecting the electoral process, such as lowering the voting age, who should be eligible to vote, the use of technology and fixed electoral terms.
The latest green paper can be accessed at

Canada. Oshawa politicians want to postpone online voting until 2014
Voting for municipal council with the click of a mouse may still be years away. Oshawa's finance and administration committee recently voted not to introduce online voting for the 2010 municipal election, saying there are still too many wrinkles to iron out...Internet voting has been successful in several Ontario communities.
In 2006, Markham offered an online voting option for the second time and saw 10,639 people cast a ballot using that method, an increase of 48 per cent over the first time it was used in 2003.
Peterborough used online voting for the first time in 2006, and saw 3,473 out of the city's 52,116 voters take advantage of the a check in that system that requires people to use a PIN plus enter unique personal information, so that makes sure it can't be used for nefarious purposes."

UK. Leo Boland takes decision to e-count in London 2012
This morning, in a ‘round table’ event to discuss London’s election plans, ORG was told by Leo Boland, London's Chief Executive and returning officer, that he has personally taken the decision to e-count in London's 2012 elections, despite the fact that he has not yet received feedback on the GLA’s cost-benefit analysis, which revealed that e-counting would be more expensive and potentially less robust than manual counting.
The GLA has yet to receive a response on their analysis from the Electoral Commission or other concerned organizations like ORG.

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