Friday, August 7, 2009

Voting News 8/7 Voting machines for sale, Federal bills gain sponsors, Calls for TN official to implement paper ballot law

In Tennessee, State Rep Odum calls on State's top election official to do his job - implement the paper ballot law. Microvote voting machines for sale in Indiana, Newark Ohio selling punch card machines. Some 866OURVOTE applauds Kansas' move to allow online voter registration. New Mexico's SOS wants people to register now to officials time to process. Some congressional election bills including the Holt bill gain sponsors.
In India, PMK founder S. Ramadoss will demonstrate that the electronic voting machines can be hacked.

IN. County has 600 voting machines for sale
Also, 2008 campaign-finance reports now available online.
They've helped elect everything from presidents to township trustees, and now they can be yours. But does anybody really want to buy 600 obsolete electronic voting machines?
...The board Thursday agreed to make the MicroVote General Corp. machines available for purchase on the Internet in hopes of recovering at least a little of the $4,000 spent on each machine, some of which are nearly 20 years old.

August 07, 2009 Kansas Ahead of the Pack
As of last week, Kansas voters are able to register to vote online, a huge improvement to our outdated registration system. According to a local news source, KCTV5 News, Kansas's Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh said, "An online voter registration application is the next step in making the traditional elections process easier, faster and cheaper.

MN. Minneapolis’ instant-runoff voting gives more hopefuls more time to campaign
8/7/09 ... With nearly 100 candidates having filed for city offices, IRV could theoretically trigger tallying of voters’ lower-ranked preferences in as many as 22 races....Hofstede, who garnered majority votes in both the primary and general elections in 2005, sounded nonplussed about the prospect of facing multiple opponents for 12 more weeks. Her worry about IRV was a more commonly cited concern: voter education. “There will be confusion with the election,” Hofstede said. “The information that’s coming out is not consistent.”

NM. New Mexico Secretary of State visits to boost voter registration
08/07/2009 In an effort to get potential voters registered now and avoid a glut of paperwork closer to election day, the secretary of state's office has launched a new initiative to make it easier to get registered

OH. Newark Ohio selling Votomatic punch card machines at GovDeal right now

TN. Are You Goins To Do Your Job Or No?
August 7, 2009 “I’m not going to stand by and let Mr. Goins ignore the law that was passed in a bi-partisan fashion in 2008,” Odom said.

TN. If You Hold an Election, Cheaters Will Come
August 7, 2009 ...But if Secretary of State continues to refuse to follow the law and implement the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act and we still don’t have paper ballots during the next election, then you’ll have nothing to do as citizens except sit at home and hope that the margin of victory for your candidate is so large that it overcompensates for any errors made by the secret counting software installed on each machine.

TN. Knox Election Commission kills "convenience voting" pilot project (Vote Centers) August 7 ...The project would establish "convenience voting centers" where anyone in the county could vote. They would replace precinct-based polling places.,0,3855341.story

NY. Poll workers, others get hands-on training
Electronic machines offer ballot scanner, handicapped accessible apparatus
BATH — Inspectors and poll workers in Steuben County are gearing up for their first elections under new federal laws designed to allow for more accurate, tamper-proof results.

US. Some Congressional Election Law Bills Gain Co-Sponsors in Last Week
August 7th, 2009

US. FEC Releases 2008 Election Returns for Federal Office
August 7th, 2009 On August 6, the Federal Election Commission released its book Federal Elections 2008.

India EVM tamper-proof or not? PMK’s Ramadoss ready for demo ‘it can be’
Aug 7, 2009 The Election Commission has invited all those who had expressed fears about the possibility of the (Electronic Voting Machines) EVMs being tampered with, to come and demonstrate the same...“We are planning to conduct a demonstration before the Election Commission officials to prove that electronic voting machines can be tampered with in Chennai next week and after that in New Delhi,”

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