Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17. Hack intercepts NEDAP voting machine signal, New research database on US voting systems, NM Judge convicted of vote fraud

A new voting machine hack, intercepts NEDAP voting machine signal. Online Poll: Should Aspen's ballots be disclosed for an independent audit? There's a new Research Database on the U.S. Voting System and Voting Technology by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. NC Verified celebrates 4 yr anniversary of paper ballot law. A NM judge convicted of vote fraud. With all the new hacks, what are we doing about it and Brad Friedman asks - where's the mainstream media?

CO. Do you think Aspen City Council should disclose the ballots from last May’s election? (Poll)

NC Verified Voting Meetup Aug 26 Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary of paper ballot law

NC.North Carolina Elections - Protecting The Vote
New voting hack uses machines decommissioned by a North Carolina county

NM. Former Sunland Park judge convicted of voter fraud
8/17/09 a jury convicted Favela of falsely declaring himself a resident of Sunland Park in 2008 so he could run for judge, falsifying a document that declared him a qualified voter, and voting twice in the 2004 general election — once in El Paso, Texas and once in Doña Ana County.

TN. Computer Scientist Says Yes to Paper Ballots » LIBERADIO(!)
...We could have the kind of secure election the professor suggests with paper, paper ballots as ballot of record, and random audits because that's what the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act mandates...

WA. County’s top elections official discusses the vote-by-mail process
All but one county in the state vote by mail, so the idea of going to the polls on “election day” has been replaced with a three-week period in which ballots are mailed out, received, marked, signed and returned

US. New Research Database on the U.S. Voting System and Voting Technology provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
The Research Database on the U.S. Voting System and Voting Technology provides access to empirical and analytical research about voting and elections to inform evidence-based reforms.

US.Census Bureau begins printing 2010 questionnaires
...For the first time, more than 13 million questionnaires will be bilingual in English and Spanish..

US. "Is Your 401(k) Used to Influence Congress?"

US. The BRAD BLOG : New Hack of Sequoia Voting Machine Changes Votes ...
Hacks of our electronic voting systems used to be big news. Now though, it's been done so many times, and is apparently so simple to do, that the news hardly registers in the corporate mainstream media (if it ever did in the first place). Yet, almost nothing has been done about virtually any of it to date.

AFGHANISTAN. Threat of violence looms over Afghan vote

Germany. Voter Machine Van Eck Radiation Intercept Demonstrated
By Marc Handelman on August 17th, 2009
News is spreading of a successful voter machine signal intercept hack. German Chaos Computer Club’s member Andreas Bogk, utilizing a Van Eck radiation detection technique has apparently intercepted European Nedap voting machines data, and has thereby entered into the hallowed halls of so-called TEMPEST intercept attacks

INDIA. Vote Poll panel allows petitioners to show EVM’s tamperbility
August 17th, 2009
..Two engineers of Net India are also petitioners in this case.
...Prasad said he has asked for 20 EVMs that he will pick randomly from different booths to demonstrate that these can be tampered with.

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