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Minnesota recount a long feisty process. Just How Bad Was Bush v. Gore?

Saguache County CO election problems the result of computer errors...Recount of Bridgeport CT ballots under way..Indiana's newly elected SoS is accused of "Voter Fraud" because his voter registration has incorrect address...Minnesota 'Happy Recount Day': First day is the start of a long and sometimes feisty process..NYC Election board stuck in time warp - voters get outdated voting guides...NY Court moves closer to expanding audit, hand recount possible in 7th Senate Race.....The EAC will discuss commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products in mtg Dec 2...

All this and more in today's voting news below...

Just How Bad Was Bush v. Gore?

AK: Judge moves Miller lawsuit to Juneau
Judge Douglas Blankenship said the case brought by Republican nominee Joe Miller raises statewide issues and that he believes it's inconvenient for the state to be involved in a case in Fairbanks, about 620 miles from Juneau.
[Judge didn't want the ballots to be moved in case they must be reviewed]

AK: Alaska certifying nearly all its election results

AK: Murkowski Gets a Write-in Vote in Concrete Sidewalk

AZ: U.S. Supreme Court to take on Arizona Clean Elections
/20101130cleanelex1130.html http://tinyurl.com/34eq62s

AZ: Election canvass sets up first known recount of ballot measure

CA: CALIFORNIA ELECTION UPDATES: ATTORNEY GENERAL RACE DECIDED, OTHER NEWS http://electionupdates.caltech.edu/?p=3659 Also later today, the first eight members of the new California redistricting commission will hold their first meeting.

CO: Saguache County election problems the result of computer errors
http://crestoneeagle.com/?p=2175 Sec. of State gives the all-ok; Saguache County election problems the result of computer errors
The mandatory recount, due to the closeness of the race, for the Northern Saguache County Ambulance District has been scheduled for November 29

CT: Recount of Bridgeport ballots under way
http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Recount-of-Bridgeport-ballots-under-way-840037.php "People think you just throw everyone in a room and say, `Count,' " said Cheryl Dunson, of the League of Women Voters in Connecticut. "But a credible outcome is dependent on a credible process."

Guam: Guam Tabulators Imbalanced? "We Have A Real Problem!"

Guam: GEC to discuss election complaints

IN: Panel to meet Sunday on secretary of state race
State Democrats say Republican Charlie White shouldn't become Indiana's chief election officer even though he won the November race. They say he committed vote fraud by using his ex-wife's home instead his condo as his address in the May primary.

KY: Bullitt jailer race recount halted; Knox declared winner
+jailer+race+recount+halted+;+Knox+declared+winner http://tinyurl.com/39mgvke
"It was costing me too much money," Watkins said. "We just fell a little short, and to me, the recanvass and recount and all this stuff, you just need to have the money hand over fist to fight the system."

MA: Taunton officials eye discrepancy between Election Day and precinct recount vote tallies* http://www.tauntongazette.com/campaign2010/x1966826229/Taunton-officials-eye-discrepancy-between-Election-Day-and-precinct-recount-vote-tallies With the district-wide recount for the 3rd Bristol House District quickly approaching, city officials are still investigating why there was an 18-vote discrepancy between results from Election Day and the Nov. 20 precinct-level recount.
O’Connell said she was concerned that there were 18 fewer votes from precinct 1B in the recount.

MN: Governor's recount - and recounting the challenges (Great photo slideshow)
http://www.startribune.com/politics/recount/111014859.html A blank ballot was claimed by Emmer representatives as a vote for their candidate. In some Hennepin County precincts, Republicans challenged every third or fourth ballot, according to county elections manager Rachel Smith.
In many locations, Emmer representatives questioned ballots in which voters failed to completely black out the oval next to the DFLer's name or who missed the oval but blacked out a space next to it. One challenge was issued on a Dayton ballot with "Who Farted" written in for Ramsey County sheriff.

MN: 'Happy Recount Day': First day is the start of a long and sometimes feisty process http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2010/11/29/23746/happy_recount_day_
first_day_is_the_start_of_a_long_and_sometimes_feisty_process http://tinyurl.com/2axj3tk

MN: CEIM's blog - Ramsey and Hennepin County Reports

MN: Recount: Dayton gains 1 vote in Winona County, 24 statewide
http://www.winonadailynews.com/news/local/article_10e8cb3e-fc42-11df-b976-001cc4c03286.html The only real glitch was the missing ballots in Utica Township.
Representatives from both gubernatorial campaigns drove to the township hall and, along with an election official, found the 23 missing ballots still in the machine.

MN: Minn. GOP chairman hints at post-recount lawsuit
http://www.kttc.com/Global/story.asp?S=13589701 Sutton says the issues include matching the number of votes and voters and a procedure known as vouching, where a registered voter can attest to the residency of an unregistered voter.

NE: Suttle Recall Lawsuit: Multiple Targets, Multiple Accusations
http://nebraska.watchdog.org/10445/suttle-recall-lawsuit-multiple-targets-multiple-accusations/ As Nebraska Watchdog first reported the recall related elections (there could be as many as three) will cost an estimated $900,000 with the City of Omaha footing the bill.

NY: “Discrepancies” Found on Voting Machines in 7th Senate Race
Court moves closer to expanding audit, hand recount possible.
http://mineola.patch.com/articles/discrepancies-found-on-voting-machines-in-7th-senate-race Republican Board of Election chair John Ryan told the court that the machines subjected to audit were hand counted and compared to their respective tape recording. Two machines were found to have one extra ballot, while one machine had two extra ballots. "The question then becomes how did it get there?" Ryan said

NY: Altschuler camp: possible voter fraud in 1st CD race
http://www.riverheadlocal.com/local-news-content/1186-altschuler-camp-possible-voter-fraud-in-1st-cd-race Vincent J. Messina told the court there are about 750 absentee ballots on which the Altschuler camp has "residency concerns," meaning the voters have two residence addresses and Altschuler's legal team is investigating whether the voters in question were simultaneously registered to vote at two addresses

NY: Bishop and Altschuler back in Riverhead courtroom today
http://www.riverheadlocal.com/local-news-content/1184-bishop-and-altschuler-back-in-riverhead-courtroom-today Altschuler has challenged 1,261 ballots and Bishop has challenged 790 ballots, according to Schneider.

NY: NY Sen. Thompson of Buffalo concedes in recount

NY: New York City Board of Elections is stuck in a time warp
City residents, including Staten Islanders, have been getting voting "instructions" mailed to them that are applicable to the mothballed machines -- not the new fill-in-the-oval paper ballot scanner method the city ushered in for the primary and general elections this fall.

OH: Special Putnam Board of Elections meeting Tuesday will try to resolve Virginia Price lawsuit http://www.wfin.com/localnews201.asp?id=5931&storyno=11 Former director Virginia Price and her son filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination from actions taken in 2008. Price is claiming a violation of Ohio's public meetings law, and a breach of contract.

She was released in 2008 for installing software upgrades to the board's computer system without state authorization.

OH: Lucas County to begin 2 election recounts
The Lucas County Board of Elections this afternoon will start its recount of two narrowly decided races — Lucas County Commissioner and the Springfield school district levy — although the outcomes still could face a legal challenge.
Democrat Carol Contrada defeated Republican George Sarantou by 191 votes out of nearly 140,000 cast, under the vote certified last week.

Her victory came after the board of elections on Nov. 22 added more than 4,000 provisional ballots that had not been counted, reversing a lead of 1,376 votes that Mr. Sarantou had in the unofficial Nov. 2 count.

TX: Elections Administrator Says Accuracy Better Than Speed
http://www.krgv.com/news/local/story/Elections-Administrator-Says-Accuracy-Better-Than/tZQ7pYY9oUWys6JNVGXdXw.cspx There may be a decision Tuesday morning on who won the county judge's race in Cameron County...

But Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz said the race for the county judge's seat has taught him a lesson: it's better to be accurate than in a hurry to get the job done.


EAC will hold a public meeting and roundtable discussion on Thursday, Dec 2 in Washington, DC. http://www.eac.gov/public_meeting_and_roundtable_12022010/
Meeting topics: commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products; election official mentorship project. Roundtable topic: the administration and conduct of the 2010 election. The event will be webcast live and an on-demand webcast will be available two days. See the agenda and notice for details.

Tea Party Nation President: 'Restrict Voting to Property Owners Only'

LA Times: Election tone was anti-incumbent, but old pros handled the cash
Most went for a war on the airwaves, consultants say, making TV stations big winners.


Egypt: Opaque and Messy Elections
Extensive restrictions on media coverage and civil society monitoring ensured that there would be little transparency on election day.

Taiwan: MOJ reports over 3,000 cases of vote-buying

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