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A Citizen's Audit of S.Carolina's Voting System. Is there 'a ghost in the machine?'

The results of Frank Heindel's FOIA: "Citizen's Audit of South Carolina's Voting System October 2010"...The Aspen Times has one of best articles I've ever seen on e-voting issues in "Unlocking IRV in Aspen"...Florida Case Puts Focus on Issue of Absentee Ballot Fraud...Hawaii's eGov website listed wrong date for Nov General Election...2nd-tier parties sue New York State Election Board...Reminder-Monday is last day for half the states to register, visit Rock the Vote for help..India EVMs-"Is there a ghost in the machine?"..

All this and more in today's voting news below...

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AL: Autauga Co: convicted felon can't serve, but can't be removed from ballot The Prattville Progress reports: Former Autauga County Coroner Willie Mack "Billy" Brown III, who was convicted in July on theft and ethics charges, cannot legally serve as county sheriff. But that doesn't mean he couldn't be elected to the office.

CA: Delivers Nonpartisan Election Information to California Voters

CA: A higher standard sought: New law to require elections equipment vendors to report flaws, errors and malfunctions

CO: Unlocking IRV in Aspen (comprehensive report & timeline)
How instant runoff voting turned the May 2009 election into a 15-month fight
1001&parentprofile=1058 ..they discovered that the vote-counting technology is actually a lot more complicated than it appeared at first glance, that they were deploying a system that few really understood — or seem to understand now.

CO: Legal wrangling over Aspen's IRV
ParentProfile=1058 The arguments are ongoing, as Marks, former Election Commissioner Elizabeth Milias, El Jebel resident Harvie Branscomb and Aspen attorney Millard Zimet have all maintained that the city's continued effort to convince the public that nothing went wrong with the election is a cover-up.

FL: Florida Case Puts Focus on Issue of Absentee Ballot Fraud* The Daytona Beach probe started when an elections supervisor noticed that as many as 90 absentee ballots had been requested from two e-mail addresses, and that they came from a single computer
“Electronic requests mean that people don’t have to show up, don’t have to provide phone numbers and are easier to abuse,” she said.

Perhaps her biggest concern is that voting records in Florida make birth dates publicly available. “It makes requesting absentee ballots by people other than the voter easy.

HI: State's posting of wrong date for election not a voter concern
for_election_not_a_voter_concern.html The state's eGov website mistakenly listed the general election date as Nov. 4 before correcting it to Nov. 2.

IN: Special Prosecutor to Look Into Candidate's Alleged Voter Fraud Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp plans to appoint a special prosecutor to look into alleged voter fraud by the Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Charlie White. And her chief deputy says that appointment will come soon.

IN: Tully: Should this voter be in charge of state elections? That essentially sums up the controversy surrounding Charlie White, the Republican candidate for secretary of state. White, who hopes to be the state's next chief elections officer, now acknowledges he continued to serve on the Fishers Town Council for months after moving out of the district he represented.

NC: Counting, 1, 2, 3
It's now one month, precisely, to the general election - a general election that also contains what amounts to a primary election. That's North Carolina's first-ever, cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best experiment with statewide instant runoff voting for one of the five available seats on the state Court of Appeals.

ND: North Dakota Libertarian Party Appeals Ballot Access Case to 8th Circuit

ND: VOTE-BY-MAIL: Lack of polling sites scrutinized Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Fargo, is asking North Dakota’s Legislative Council to draft a bill that would require polling places to be open on Election Day in most cities — those with populations of at least 100 or 200. The 2011 Legislature likely will debate the exact threshold.

NY: Remember to vote twice, at least in the 29th Congressional District election

NY: 2nd-tier parties sue elex board
board_mPiFc7Y1sfBXGU7oPvD1PP They agree on virtually nothing in politics, but the Conservative Party and the Working Families Party nonetheless joined forces yesterday -- to sue the state Board of Elections.

NY: Today's NYS Election Law Lesson: Listen To Frank Lombardi (the actual complaint)
As our City Hall Bureau's Frank Lombardi reported right here on the Daily Politics a few weeks ago, two very different ideological camps have teamed up to sue over "double-voting" problems with the state's new electronic-scanner election system.

SC: Citizen's Audit of South Carolina's Voting System October 2010

SC: Democracy Under Assault
Frank Heindel is a computer-savvy, tough-minded Charleston commodities trader. When he is not buying and selling corn and wheat, he makes himself a holy terror to the folks at the South Carolina and Charleston County election commissions.
Over the next two months Heindel barraged the Charleston County and state election commissions with dozens of emails and shelled out more than $300 for staff and copying services, trying to obtain public records which should be easily accessible. For two months Bowers offered excuses for her failure to deliver. Most alarmingly, she claimed she could not comply with Heindel’s FOI request without surrendering proprietary information, which belongs to the machines’ manufacturer, Election Systems & Software.

TX: Some ballots reprinted after name problem
SEGUIN — The county will reprint Precinct 2 ballots for the coming Nov. 2 general election because the names of two candidates were printed smaller than those of their opponents.

TX: As Kaufman retires, 3 running for county clerk
Loss of voting machines in fire inspires debate

US Virgin Isles: Senators look for solution to paper-ballot controversy

VA: Law adds protections for troops voting overseas
Among other things, the new law requires states to provide absentee ballots by e-mail upon request and to set up an online tracking system so voters can follow the progress of their ballot.


CNN Declares BRAD BLOG 'Squeakiest Wheel on Subject of Voting' - So How About Some Grease?!

Rock the Vote Last call to fix the world! Monday is your last chance to register to vote in almost half the states for the November election. Get registered to vote by clicking this link:

Following the Money Behind Mystery Attack Ads


Brazil starts to distribute voting machines
Some 23,000 machines will be distributed from the capital to 2,000 polling stations, and in all 467,000 will be delivered across the nation.
In a separate report, Globo said that four of the machines selected at random would be used to test the whole system.

India: Is there a ghost in the machine? Neeta Lal (Issues)
The looming Bihar assembly polls, the controversial arrest and release of a Hyderabad-based researcher who had demonstrated the alleged “tamperability” of electronic voting machines (EVMs) earlier this year on TV and a raft of pending petitions in high courts have collectively re-ignited the contentious debate on EVMs in India

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